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  • Hello. I was reading a thread that you posted on about your zeiss v6. And you also mentioned you have some atacr’s.
    I’m actually in the market and have been comparing those.
    Looking at the atacr vs zeiss v6 or v8.
    Top shelf glass is a must, after trying to get it done with a Bushy LRHS. The features where great on it, but the glass hindered several shot opportunities this season.

    How does the glass on the v6 stack up against the atacr?

    My cons with Zeiss is no offering in mils. But I could get over it if glass is as good or better than NF.

    My only con for atacr is weight.

    -Josh Batt
    Sorry, I just discovered this portion of the forum. It's not a PM or a conversation, so I never got an email about it! I personally love the V6 and have since taken off my ATACR, including my 7-35x56, for another 3-18x50. For a hunting optic it's damn hard to beat! Feel free to email if you want more data, but it's some time ago so hopefully you found what you were looking for.

    [email protected]
    I have a vortex viper HS LR 4-16 that I would be will to trade you for the Leupold and I’d be willing to add cash to make things equal if you are interested.
    I apologize for the delay, I just discovered this part of the forum. I never got an email something was here. I have decided to keep the scope for a .22 trainer. Thanks.
    I have a pair that Id be willing to sell or trade. I dont have the tags but they are in like new condition. They are Kuiu, 34, Alpines and verde. If you dont mind, contact me by email. [email protected]
    Wow, thanks for the comment. I did not know this page of the forum existed and just accidentally clicked here and have several messages. Thanks for the offer, obviously I have found some in the 3 years since. Sorry for the late notice! I'll have to check here more often.
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