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    Streep typical “age and score” thread

    I agree with mid 120's, but in my area his body looks like a 2 1/2 year old. Real leggy, no saggy belly or back, 3 1/2 at most, but I wouldn't think so around here. Most of our 3 year olds will field dress 170 to 180 pounds, that deer doesn't look near that to me. Could be different in your...
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    Trex arms: short draw bow options

    PSE EVO EVL Shoot the 32 and the 34 and see what you think. Bring an arrow with you when testing new bows and shoot through the shops chronograph. Then you can get the real world numbers. A lot of bows don't hit the advertised speeds, and a lot of cams aren't very efficient when going to a...
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    Heavy bone breaking archery results

    480 grains, Thunderhead 125, 295 fps. Several heavy bones on Whitetails over the years.
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    Ways to holster your side arm to bag or self during elk hunt

    This year I carried in a CompTac international on my pants belt with a 1 1/2 inch drop piece. I think you can drop it more if needed. Carried fine for 2 weeks archery hunting, was below my Kifaru Duplex belt. You can run with a closed belt attachment or a paddle, adjust the cant to fit your...
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    Tough CO opener

    I have not had that happen yet. Usually I can't find the elk at all :) We are heading out in the morning though to do it again. Should be in the mountains hunting Monday morning.
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    Alaska Guide Creations customer service

    That is awesome! There are some other companies that should take a lesson from them.
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    Finally got the CO OTC Elk - how the hunt went

    Sounds like an awesome hunt! Congrats!
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    Canning wild meat

    Pressure can for sure. I've done raw and cooked. Raw is much quicker and easier. You get a lot of shrinkage in the jar. Definetally spice after then you can make whatever you want. We can at least 1 deer a year.
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    Moving peep site

    You are correct that is how it used to be in the 80's and early 90's. It doesn't have to be that way now. With quality string and cable materials and built properly they don't do that anymore. Once I have my new set installed and the bow in spec my peeps don't turn at all. There is no settle...
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    Moving peep site

    Low quality strings, or peep tied in wrong would be my guess. You can have it pressed and straighten it out and hope it makes it thru the season.
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    Moving peep site

    If I ever get a new string and the peep rotates then I send them back because something is wrong. My peep never rotates until the string is getting worn out and starts to creep or stretch. You can add a twist to get it back where needed, but it will continue to move and be a problem. So it's...
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    Moving peep site

    Time for new string and cables
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    Wrangler pants

    Couldn't find any locally so I ordered 2 pairs from Wrangler. I just got them yesterday, so we'll so how it goes with them. So far I really like them and they fit the same as the other Wrangler products that I have. I do wish they had 7 belt loops instead of 5 though. I'll see how they hold...
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    ID me

    Just an FYI for those that aren't aware. ID me works with a lot of retailers to give Military, veterans, LEO's, and others discounts. There are so many stores that give military discounts that I wasn't aware of. It's really easy to sign up.
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    Win Free Gear #2

    I answered White tail because that has been my passion since the mid 80's. I really enjoy elk hunting so far, been a couple of times and will again this year. Maybe once I figure out how to kill one it will start to take over the deer passion :)