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  • I hunted unit 10 late in 2009. My daughter was born a week before the hunt so I was limited to three days. I hunted the Big Bo at a friends spot and it was a fun hunt. We hiked into our glassing spot about two miles and had very little pressure. We had a 360 type bull along with a bull that made that one look small spotted a couple of times but they were just out of range. I ended up shooting a bull that was busted up on one side but would be in the 330 to 340 range my last morning.

    I wouldn't be discouraged. I'm kicking myself for not getting that tag myself this year. I thought I had a Wyoming tag coming and it didn't work out. Where we were the shooting was far. That was the only drawback. Lots of glassing. We were on the tripods all day.

    Good luck
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