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  • What rain gear did you end up choosing if you don't mind me asking? I tried the Sitka Thunderhead and didn't like it enough to keep it.
    Thanks. I'm also from the Panhandle and need very durable rain gear.
    My findings are a lot of roads are closed and a lot of guys find a way around the gates one way or another with quads and side by sides. Frustrating for guys doing it legal and on foot.
    Hey there,
    Saw your post re: hunting the ID pandhandle... I’ll be there 9/15-9/25 (likely) and likely solo. I’ll likely be in units 4 and 6 however. Staying in a friend’s cabin and heading out each day on to BLM or DNR land nearby.

    The reason I’m writing you: what is your experience with open/closed road situation? I like to go where no one else will go... bike and a trailer or on foot... whatever makes it harder for others to get to essentially!

    Any experience with calling there? Many other hunters? I’ve heard wolves have made their mark... but numbers of them are down d/t hunting (fine by me)... have they made it harder to find and or/call elk?

    Thanks in advance for any intel.

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