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    Quilt Q's

    Same here, made the switch two years ago and have never regretted my decision. My girlfriend and I use an Enlightened Equipment Accomplice 20* when we're together and I use an EE Revelation 10* when alone.
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    Hoffman Explorer boots, anyone used them?

    Another option would be to have a pair of boots built by Russell Moccasin, theyre not cheap, but they are very well made and with the ability to be resoled and proper care, would literally last you a lifetime. http://www.russellmoccasin.com/mountain-hunting-boots/
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    The Rokstaff's 2018 Hunting Season

    That's a couple of beautiful bulls Jordan, nicely done.
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    Recommendation on affordable 2 person tent?

    Are you looking for more of a conventional backpacking type tent or a tipi type that you could run a woodstove in?
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    Eyes tearing up in the wind

    Maybe something like this would solve your problems...
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    Closer look at the ASOLO Hunter GV and Tribe GV boot line..

    Enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing.
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    Tipping Point?

    I don't tend to be very polished either, that is why I like him, he communicates like I do, says what he thinks and means.
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    Sierra Designs Mountain Guide Tarp

    I'd be happy to take this off your hands, PM sent.
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    Pillow recommendations

    This topic has been discussed a number of times. Have you tried searching the sleep systems forum for "pillow", I just had a quick look and found ten different threads discussing pillows. Good luck in your research, it really comes down to the individual and personal preference.
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    Moffat 2018 recap

    Great pictures and great adventures, thank you for sharing with us!
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    Backup bivy for that special Buck/Bull

    AK Troutbum has a great system put together. I don't do this, but I do know that a night spent in the backcountry is going to be much more comfortable if you can be warm. If I thought it was possible that I might be staying out there near my buck/bull, at a minimum, I'd be carrying my...
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    Primus Easy Light Lantern

    Well dammit! Looks like I did too much research on it before I went for it, if RBHunter backs out, I'll take it.
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    Primus Easy Light Lantern

    Yep, I'll take it, please PM me your PayPal info and I'll get you paid.
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    Sweet Looking Boot! Elk Look Out!

    The Salomon X Alp MTN GTX is the taller version of this boot, but looks as thought it may have been discontinued.
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    Sweet Looking Boot! Elk Look Out!

    Hey Paul, I noticed that the specs on the UA boots listed them at 19.1 oz, I'm assuming that is per boot. I'll be receiving a pair of Salomon X Alp Mid LTR GTX boots tomorrow, which are supposed to be very similar to the 4D boot, but more rigid, like a mountaineering boot and still pretty light...