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    Request for my dear Wife

    What a tough thing to read, but thank you for sharing with us Bob. I'll say a prayer for your wife, but more importantly, I'll pray for you and her family that are left behind, dealing with the pain of losing her. She sounds like a wonderful woman who blessed the lives of those that knew her.
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    Bino Harness for youth.

    I have 3 or 4 of the FHF harnesses and would think the small would fit okay.
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    Spring bear spot & stalk

    Absolutely love spot & stalk spring bear hunting. This time of year, with the weather you can experience, to the wildlife you see it is so different from what you'd see in the autumn seasons. My experience is to find areas of open hillsides, interspersed with timber and brushy draws that provide...
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    AOVOA Portable Grill

    Thanks for the link ArrowForester, I've looked at the collapsible grills before and thought that they looked pretty gimmicky. I'll definitely be ordering one of the Purcell grills, I'm thinking the voyager. I can see more, steaks, grouse and trout on the menu for dinner on this summer's hiking...
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    Help me put together my glass system for sheep hunting.

    Good information provided so far, and Doug from Cameraland is a great guy to work with and he always has some fantastic deals available. I'm a firm believer in the adage that "you get what you pay for", and nowhere is that more applicable than optics. In consideration of the fact that you will...
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    Spotter Selection - Leup, Kowa, Minox, other?

    Kowa, without question.
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    DIY Stainless Steel Stove

    .004" is what Titanium Goat uses for their stainless products.
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    Anyone have a review on the Benchmade Altitude knife?

    If you want them, there are plenty of places online that sell scales for the izula. The izula is a great knife, my girlfriend and I both carry one when backpacking and hunting.
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    Meopta x2 doubler

    If the Swaro doubler sucks, which everyone I know that has used it says, than I can't imagine that Meopta's doubler is better. I'd save my money.
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    WTB Scrap lead

    I've got quite a bit..... somewhere. Don't know where in Washington you are, but we could figure something out. I'll look for it this weekend.
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    Best value in trekking poles

    I did the same thing about a month ago while snowshoeing. I went to the Cascade Mountain Tech website and ordered a replacement section for less than $10. If you're looking for these poles and your local Costco doesn't have them, they can be ordered from the website.
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    Barefoot Options

    Looks interesting, I love my Altra trail runners.
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    Best value in trekking poles

    I'll throw my support in for the Cascade Mountain Techs from Costco. I have been using them exclusively for 3 or 4 years and couldn't be happier. If you do break something, replacement parts are relatively inexpensive on their website. IMO, you can't buy a better pair of poles for $30.
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    WTS FS: Kast Extreme Fishing Gear NWT

    Thank you for the beanies, top shelf stuff, my girlfriend and kids love them!
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    WTB Rain gear for my son

    Have you looked over at the King's Camo website, they make more camo for kids than anybody. Also, Kryptek makes their men's clothes in a small and X-small, one more option.