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    WTS Meopta Meostar 10x42

    This is a great buy, if you are looking for top tier optics, you can not find more bang for your buck than this deal right here!
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    quilt stuff sack

    I use Sea to Summit eVac dry sacks for my EE quilts. 8 liter for my revelation and 13 liter for the accomplice. What I like about the eVac sacks is that they compress "flat", so it's not like you are trying to pack things around a cylindrical object when you're loading your pack.
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    That's awesome, well done!
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    help for Washington high buck

    I believe the key to killing a buck during the high buck hunt has multiple obvious factors. Assuming that you are talking about mule deer and not blacktails, I'm guessing that you are looking at either the Alpine Lakes or Glacier Peaks Wilderness Areas. I know that they both get plenty of...
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    Giant Utah Muley #skrecountry

    HOG! That's an absolute beauty, congrats to the hunter.
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    The Cecil Bill- H.R.2245 Cecil Act

    Huh, I see now, they're all Democrats. I originally thought that the D next to their name stood for "dumbass".
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    My wife said....

    My wife and I just returned from a fabulous hunting trip to Africa. I hunted and she tagged along a few days and went on photo tours or relaxed the others. The lodge we stayed at was wonderful and the food was amazing, every meal had some form of wild game meat in it. We are planning to return...
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    Wall Tent For 1? On the Cheap Side

    I have one of the Guide Gear tipis, very roomy and seems like it should last for years if taken care of. Couldn't beat it for $200.
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    Kifaru pack for wife/female hunter

    My wife uses a 22" frame and woodsman bag, she really enjoys it and says it is the most comfortable pack she's ever worn.
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    Waterproof Gaiters Help

    For me, when I first wore gaiters 12ish years ago, it was one of those moments when I thought to myself "how have I hunted the past 30 years without these". The first 5 or 6 years I wore Kenetrek's and had no complaints. I've since moved on to Kuiu Yukons and have been very happy with the...
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    Meeting Blaze Orange Requirements

    In Washington state, we are required to wear 400 square inches (20"x20") during rifle general season. If you are hunting on a limited draw tag, muzzleloader or archery, no orange required unless it overlaps with a rifle general season. The law states that the orange must be visible from all...
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    Transporting antlers and cape back home

    If you think you will get the animal mounted, I would take the hide to a local taxidermist in WY and have it prepped/tanned and then shipped to you. Cut the skull cap and antlers from the skull, clean it up good and check it as baggage. Then you can take them both to your taxidermist of choice...
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    Scope cover choice in the field

    I also use the bikini or neoprene cover but generally only have it covering the lenses when in conditions that could result in the lenses getting dirty or excessively wet. One trick is two put a zip tie around the scope cover in front of or behind the adjustment turrets so that if you have to...
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    My Sherman clone

    Looks great, just like everything else you've made!
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    Hunting Backpack / pack frame, what's the best?

    Numerous posts addressing this same question in the "backpacks" forum. Use the search function, you should find plenty of opinions and information.