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    Can my pack strap be fixed?

    Having seen your pictures, this is what I would do. The breaking strength of this webbing is probably thousands of pounds, keep you pack weights under 500 lbs. and I think you'll be fine. ;)
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    New stone glacier pack?

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    Little Pet Peeves

    I've got another one that I see frequently here. The use of "advise" in a sentence when the correct word is "advice". For example, "what advise can you give me?".
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    Little Pet Peeves

    I have an OCD pet peeve here on Rokslide. I can't stand it when someone posts something in the incorrect forum. Whatever it is that you have a question about, there's a pretty good chance that there is a forum specific to that subject, look around, find the appropriate forum and post it there...
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    S-Curved Sewing Needle

    I had no idea that was a thing, I'm going to order a few, thanks for the heads up.
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    Mount Kifaru pack on Barney's/Frontier Gear frame

    Kifaru bags will mount to Exo frames and vice versa like they're made for them. There's a number of threads on here of people posting various bags on frames.
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    Need Help Determining Kifaru Duplex Hunter Frame Length

    Call Kifaru, 1-800-222-6139, I'll bet they know where/how to measure it.
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    Stellar Equipment Down Jackets? Any good?

    According to the link provided by the OP, the coat is 1000fp. DAMMIT, I don't need another coat!
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    Filling leather cracks/gouges

    That's a fair question. I did not use it in the same manner that the OP is talking about using it, but as long as you didn't just slather your boots with a greasy waterproof dressing yesterday, I have a hunch that it will stick just fine. It'll cost you about $16 to find out...
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    Filling leather cracks/gouges

    I would use 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive Sealant, that stuff is crazy strong, I've used it to fix cracks on my boots before with amazing results. The only drawback to this stuff is that it takes 5 - 7 days for it to fully cure, but when it's done, it isn't going anywhere and it will be there forever.
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    Covid Booster

    Not trying to pick a fight with you or pick on you, but I'm curious why having an infant daughter would be cause to get the vaccine? Children have been shown to be almost immune to this disease.
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    Covid Booster

    Okay, you've said some things that I obviously don't agree with, but you didn't really take sides with CNN, MSNBC and Rachael Maddow by trying to imply that Ivermectin is a drug used solely for the treatment of animals. Are you really that ignorant or that desperate, that you would...
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    Chicken Leg Boot Gaiters

    I've been wearing gaiters for close to 15 years. The first elk season that my son and I wore them was an eye opener, one of those "how have I not known about these sooner" type of moments. I have worn gaiters from Kenetrek, Kuiu, and Outdoor Vision. Between my wife, son and I, we probably...
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    Reliable brand wall tents?

    Don't have or ever used a Reliable wall tent, but I know they've been around for years and I'm sure they make a fine product. When it comes to frames, I highly recommend buying an angle kit and building your own frame legs, rafter and ridge pole out of electrical conduit to save money.
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    Covid Booster

    Complicit, are you by chance referencing Dr. Gain of Function Fauci? Who is ironically the "leading" subject matter expert in regards to the CORONA virus.