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    Cheap Stuff that Works $18 pocket flashlight. Everytime i lose one i replace it. Make great gifts to buddies also.
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    The Crucial Blaze Beanie
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    Accurate bathroom scale

    Take a look at the FitTrack Dara. Provides more info than simple weight, but I've enjoyed mine.
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    Tyvek and Plastic Garbage Bags I wonder if something like this or a silnylon tarp would be a reasonable compromise?
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    First good look at a grizzly.

    I rounded a corner in a trail once at the same time the biggest grizz I've seen in MT rounded the other corner ahead of me, less than 30 yds, on a hiking trail across a steep, timbered slope. That bear's head looked as wide as my chest. I was sheep hunting in SEP and distinctly remember two...
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    How is Cabela's Still in Business?

    I liked Cabela's much better before their retail stores sprang up. Back when I would wear their hats and folks asked, "What's a Cabela's?" Still go in, still purchase on rare occasion. Prefer Scheel's.
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    Archery Elk hunting Solo in grizzly country.

    When solo hunting in grizzly country, it is prudent to have a conversation on possibilities vs probabilities. The issue isn't the bears, it is fear. Fear of an unknown you can't control. That's the biggest part of working through such things, especially as outdoorsmen. If you look at the...
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    Gear Give Away #2

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    De-load/Recovery Weeks

    I'm in the process of putting together next year's training plan. My "performance" season typically runs SEP-NOV, i.e., hunting season. I'll be concentrating on strength, mobility, and endurance. The first 3 months DEC-FEB will be weighted toward strength, 3x a week. Progression will...
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    Grinder Recommendation for Elk

    With my luck it may be years before I need it, but if the good Lord is willing to bless me with filled tags I will. I also ordered the Harbor Freight foot pedal and some food grade silicoln. Should be about set. Used to be a local grind was pretty economical. Not so much any more. Even if...
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    Grinder Recommendation for Elk

    I couldn't pass up the Excalibur deal, #22 1HP, with free shipping for $249, especially for the few critters a year I'd do seems like a no brainer.
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    Favorite Instant Pot Recipes?

    I'm late to the Instant Pot craze, seems like a great way to experiment with food this coming winter. Also to introduce the kids to some easy ways to cook great food. Make meal prep more of a family activity. Instant Pot Pro 8 qt is on the way with some accessories, clear lid, steamer basket...
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    WIN FREE GEAR Giveaway

    Bull Elk
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    Sold Borah Gear Ultralight Side Zip Bivy

    Bummer, looks to be left side zip. Good luck to the seller and potential buyer. Tough to get delivered before season from Borah!
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    Sold Borah Gear Ultralight Side Zip Bivy

    If it's right side zip, I'll take it.