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    WTS Sitka Kelvin Active Jacket, Open Country, Size Small, Brand New!!!

    One last go of it at $145 shipped! If you're not a skinny guy, what about the wife? the kid? the lil' brother?
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    WTS Marsupial Gear / Leupold Bino Harness, Medium

    I received this with some bino's I purchased, as Leupold was having a promo. Brand new, only opened the box to take pictures. Size Medium pouch, to accommodate up to 7" tall binoculars(any 10x42's will fit, as will 12x50 Vortex Razors). SOLD
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    WTS Sitka Kelvin Active Jacket, Open Country, Size Small, Brand New!!!

    Price drop... Anyone interested at $160 Shipped?!
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    WTS Sitka Kelvin Active Jacket, Open Country, Size Small, Brand New!!!

    Call me vain, but I just can't see wearing this, as it's the only piece of open country in my entire Sitka lineup.... And now that my bow is Subalpine too.... well, you get it... Brand new with tags. If you're a Small in most Sitka gear, this is the size you'd want. It fits similar to a base...
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    WTS Mens Patagonia Nano Air Light Pullover Hoody, Campfire(aka Blaze) Orange, Size Medium

    Thanks for the bump! Still available! I've got to head to the post office on Monday and can get this headed your way then, via Priority Mail!
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    Durable Rain Jacket

    Sounds like you're not looking for ultralight or camo necessarily... So my recommendations would be to look at a couple of Patagonia's options. You can find past season's stuff lightly used for pretty cheap. I'd opt for either the Refugitive on the lighter end, with a 3L goretex and cknit...
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    Sleeping bags best and weight and price.

    There are a ton of great options these days. I'd echo the sentiment of fronting a little more money up front to get one that will last you years, and will assure you comfort when you start approaching the temperature rating. With that said, you can find a pretty solid bag that will get you...
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    Utah draw charges

    After hunting general archery tags over there for a few years I pulled what looks to be a decent tag in the West Desert West(aka Deep Creek) Late Muzzleloader tag. From last years numbers it looks like there are only 5 tags during this season, with the general season there having ended, so I...
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    Central Nevada Rifle Hunt

    I love that area. I have hunted it more than half a dozen times during different seasons. During rifle seasons expect to see some other hunters no matter where you end up, as you'll find horseback groups pretty deep in. With that said, there are really nice deer in each of the ranges, with...