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    Sorry to report but our trip down to the Gila was a bust in several ways. The "guide" we had was a sham. He popped up a couple of blinds the day before we got there and wanted us to sit for 14hours a day overlooking some seldom used wallows. I failed to see a single elk and my buddy saw a few cows and one small bull on day one, but held off as we had high hopes in that unit. I would love to go back and plan to someday when I can draw and convince my wife it isn't a complete waste of money. I will admit though that I got taken on this one and usually do my research pretty well. It has taken the wind out of my sales for hunting this fall somewhat. I am sure that by the time spring rolls around I will be itching to get back out there though.
    Sorry to hear about all the snow, guess there is multiple ways a hunt can go as unplanned. Hopefully we both draw the Gila again soon.
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