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    Tommy Hogg Issue

    BINGO!! Knew it had to be something simple. Thanks Bronc
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    Tommy Hogg Issue

    I recently purchased a Tommy Hogg 3pin sight and the yardage knob will not turn. I loosened the two screws on the back thinking that would help but it did nothing. The micro-adjust knob works as it should, just not the big one. Anyone have any suggestions other than loosen the two screws on...
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    WTS Alps Outdoorz Commander + Pack

    One frame - Two bags...$75
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    Best rain gear for back packing in for elk

    I’m a fan of the Cabelas Space Rain for the price point and’s light weight and it packs easy (own stuff sack). You can usually find a set for around $100 online or in the various forum classifieds.
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    January hunting options

    I agree with the Texas Hog can do it cheap and in a target rich environment. Plus if your budget would allow it you could make it an exotic hunt, most ranches will throw in the pigs as a bonus. Lots of choices for free range exotics in the TX Hill Country. PM me if you need some...
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    Turkey Decoy Hauling

    I carry my 3 Avian decoys in a cheap mesh duck decoy bag that I can throw on the shoulder. I’m not a big fan of vests so I throw a seat pad in there too.
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    Limb popping issues

    I had this issue but on a different brand. Same story same ‘click or pop’ took it to the shop several times with no real solution other than being told it may need to be ‘broken in’....2 weeks later the limb delaminates. Needless to say I dropped it on the shop counter and said it’s ‘broken in...
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    WTS Alps Outdoorz Commander + Pack

    Price Drop...
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    Co. Unit 74 Sept. Bull Archery

    Ain’t that the truth!
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    Co. Unit 74 Sept. Bull Archery

    I’ve hunted it several years now, except for last year due to the fire. The unit is BIG, just do some homework, get some good maps, be mobile and you should be able to find some low traffic areas. The weather can vary quite a bit, so pack for every possibility because you’ll probably...
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    WTS Alps Outdoorz Commander + Pack

    I have a very lightly used Alps Commander Frame + Pack. There are a couple of buckles missing but still in great shape. I have an extra bag that I can throw in as backup for parts or back up. Can text pics as needed. $75 TYD Lower 48 PayPal - you pay fees or F&F