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    Gear Sale: Kifaru, EB, OR, Sitka, Alps, Cabelas

    PM sent on the Alps packs
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    WTB First Lite Corrugated Guide Pants - sz Medium

    Looking for the solid colors, green or brown
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    Scapegoat 35 question

    Thanks guys
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    Beretta 3901 12 ga.

    Thanks...does it come with chokes, looked like it may have an extended choke is why I ask?
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    Scapegoat 35 question

    Is this pack more along the lines as a day pack or will it haul a decent load? If you have experience with this pack hauling meat would like to hear your opinions about this particular model.
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    Any 6.8’s out there?

    Looking for a 6.8spc...whatcha got?
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    Texas Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Pint Night

    Do y’all ever host anything in the San Antonio area?
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    Texas FNG

    Hello from South Texas...I’m a die hard waterfowler but also love chasing deer and big game with my bow. Looking forward to getting some great information here on the site.