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    Solar Panel for backpack hunting

    How long are you planning on packing? 15 days. Will be truck camping most of the time, but don’t plan to be driving enough to charge anything. Was just thinking it would be nice to leave the solar panel at the truck to keep a reserve bank charged Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Solar Panel for backpack hunting

    The Goal Zero Nomad 7 has an output of 1.4A. My 26,800mAh power bank has an input requirement of 2A. Will the Nomad charge the bank?
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    Sold AAE Western Hunter Stabilizer

    I’ll take it for $80 shipped
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    Sold Crossover 1233 Stabilizer

    Still available?
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    WTS Crossroad archery stabilizer and quick disconnect

    Is it sold? PM sent if still available
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    WTS For Sale, CBE Hybrid Pro 5pin

    Do you still have the sight?
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    Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite Mid GTX?

    I tried Mt Trainer and Rapace. I really wanted to like them, but both pairs felt high in the arch. Actually started to hurt just in the house. I expected a slightly narrower toe box, but they weren’t wide by any means. Build appeared really nice. Wish they would have worked for me.
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    CO Draw Results?

    Anyone get elk results yet?! I’m going stir crazy.
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    Anyone run La Sportiva Trango Tower?

    I picked up a pair recently as well. Curious to hear what others say.
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    WTS Garmin Oregon 450t

    Taking it to eBay
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    WTS Crispi Idaho NIB 11

    The only boots I’d be interested in on trade are: Salewa rapace; Salewa mountain trainer mid; hanwag alverstone II; Scarpa zodiac tech