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  • Hope this helps. Don’t over think it or but into to much hype. It’s just “armed camping”
    My pack is a 6500 “ slumberjack kryptek pack I got on sale cheap. Works fine. I’ve hunted a week out of it. Granted there is shit strapped all over it. Boots are easy but wide stuff soled back packing boots. Wide Bc when you are hunting on foot 8-10 miles a day, your feet will swell. And a stiff boot is necessary Bc when a boot flexes it activates your calves more than your thighs. Which means my day 3 your calves will be screaming and locked up. Fact is most boots aren’t made 200 lb guys with 50-70lb packs. They are made for 150lb REI bird watchers with day packs
    Well let me first say I’ve only hunter Wyoming. That being said, If I could start over I would probably go Idaho. Wyoming is getting harder to draw tags in especially limited archery non resident. 6-10 years! Which means more and more general pressure. Pick a state, and pick an area and learn it. Go ahead and write off success the first few trips. You’ll enjoy it more. If You start state or map jumping around you will never be successful. If people say there’s elk In a unit then there probably is and you gotta find them. Don’t get obsessed with “ going 7-8 miles back” most people that do that in most states end up a half mile from another road. That just makes for cool you tube videos and hunting workout gimmicks. Most guys that are successful will tell you if you walked 5 miles in, you walked past 4 miles worth of game. My sleep system is a 3 man north face full fly tent. 30 degree cheap sleeping bag, and a GOOD sleeping pad.
    Seems we slack on prompt responses. Must be the job lol. Mainly what I’m puzzled over is the gear list and selection on areas to hunt in states. Trying to dodge pressure and be successful on a harvest, not to concerned with a trophy. However, that’s a plus. On gear it’s mainly the shelter/sleep system and pack that I’m most puzzled over. Footwear would be in the equation but I know everybody’s feet are different.
    New to this forum and saw you were fire fighter near greensboro. I'm a cop in Lexington, and looking at starting yearly hunts out west elk. Trying to get some input on gear suggestions and what all to pack for Colorado/Wyoming//Montana weather. Thanks for any help and stay safe man
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