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    Looking for a pack for my 1st Dall Sheep Hunt in Alaska ..

    Getting the right fit is really important. I have a really long back and find a 28" frame is my main goal for a heavy load. A 26 is good but just a bit shy with load lift when heavily loaded. This pretty much means a 28" Seek Outside or a Kifaru custom. My son is the same height as me with...
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    Leica Customer Service... improved any?

    The extendable eye piece on my Apo-65 no longer moves out and back smoothly. I sent it to New Jersey and they will have it back to me fixed for free on Warrantyin about 6 weeks from start to finish. Good communications and it all seems good so far as long as they do what they say they will.
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    Seek Outside Backpack accessory

    Playing with my new Brooks. Quite a versatile and light system! It came with eight, 73/4 inchvelcro straps.... any one explain what these are for and how they are used? - - - Updated - - - they are probably keeper straps for the webbing. i think i figured it out. brain fart
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    Mystery Ranch guide light frame.

    Wonderfully made pack. I bought the XL size and the frame is pretty short for me. It's only about 24.5" bottom of belt to load lifters and I only get 20 degree lift or so. I think with a heavy load I'd get very little lift. Is it possible I got the wrong frame height as there is no way this...
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    Mystery Ranch Terraframe

    The Terraframe 80 looks like a pretty nice pack and the MR website talks about a load limit of 150 pounds! It has the overload shelf and is between the Metcalf and Marshall in capacity. Any-one looked at one of these and have an opinion on how the Terraframe measures up to the guidelight frame?
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    Salewa Repace GTX Old Vs New

    I probably tried 15 pairs of boots at our local hiking store in Whitehorse over a 10 month period, 2.5 years ago. Of these I brought 5 pairs home at different times to wear them at home for a final test. All but one went back..the last pair was the Salewa Repace GTX and they fit so well I...
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    My Boys First Yukon Moose

    It's great to live in the Yukon. This past weekend we took our freighters out and my son managed to get his first moose. A nice eatable 48" bull, one shot through the chest with his little Ruger Ranch rifle in 450 Bushmaster. Bull staid still for 3-5 seconds then hooves in the air. Nice...
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    Yukon Moose this weekend

    Not much time to hunt lately but I managed to take Friday off, study my maps of the Yukon and find a place suited well to the surface drive engine and my big 21 foot Scott Freighter canoe. This rig is very shallow water capable and I also brought a big Tripper canoe to portage into some little...
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    What advantages in the next generation of packs? son has me training to Sheep hunt again next summer. Down about 30 pounds and 60 more to go. We have plotted out a great float and hunt trip that we can do via freighter canoe and surface drive engine. He is getting me very excited about the trip and at 15 putting him onto a sheep or...
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    Modifying Load Lifters $2.00 Fix

    I need to save up to get my oldest daughter to Edinburgh next summer for a school-drama trip to the Fringe Festival so no more expensive gear this year. I have a Cabela's frame which works ok, except the load lifters don't give much of a lift on my 23" back. This summer I packed out some...
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    External with load lifters

    My back is pretty long, 23" or so. My Cabelas pack runs out of load lifter length and heavy loads put a brutal strain on my upper back and neck. Aaron has offered that a custom 28" Kifaru frame would be the cat's meow. I am tempted and might go that way though the exchange rate between the US...
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    Family Caribou Hunt in the Yukon.

    Just finished a great hunt, we were able to win a draw for a herd in the Yukon that is not hunted with a regular tag and so has light hunting pressure. Unfortunately after doing more research I realized that the place I was planning to hunt with my surface drive-canoe was just outside the...
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    Thanks for The Inspiration

    I didn't hit my fitness and weight goals this year but I continue to go in the right direction. I went from 303 pounds to 275 and got much stronger. I am still after the goal of 225 or less while increasing strength and continuing cardio progress. and will try and be ready next year. I did go...
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    Forbes 20 B Sheep Rifle review

    Several hundred shots downrange. This is my second Forbes 20b, as I sent the first back for feeding and inconsistent accuracy issues. This one is more consistent but still not a true MOA rifle. I got to MOA with 125 Ballistic Tips and H322 but the pressure curve was a bit wonky and the bullet...
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    Western Mountaineering Terralite

    Wow! Just came today. This wide mummy is ridiculously well made. The wide tape facing the zippers make it pretty much snag proof. Easy to get into (even for us fatties). Lofty! Wide enough to slide sleep with bending the knees and not compressing the down. Rated to 25F but I bet I'll be...