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    Scared to move on from my Jetboil?!

    You will be fine. The Jetboil and similar MSR Windburner (which I like better) are neat set ups but as you say you can save a fair bit of weight going with an unintegrated system. The integrated stoves might burn a bit less gas especially in wind but you can moderate that by learning to find a...
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    Spotting scope for sheep hunting

    I like the look of that little Kowa but it isn't the best on eye relief. I wear glasses and for me eye-relief has to be 18mm or better. I'll stick with my Leica Televid 65mm with the great 25-50X eye piece. It's a heavy spud but I get my son to carry it. I haven't yet seen better...
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    Any Western Mountaineering stomach sleeper users?

    Ok..I am a side sleeper, sprawler and the Terralite is absolutely perfect. Very wide where it matters. They have a very conservative temperature rating and 20F will be no problem as long as you have a good pad and some width to you. I have taken mine down to zero, comfortably wearing long...
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    Sheep rifle attributes?

    Updated accurate reliable lightweight stainless/synthetic grizzly defense capable cartridge (3000 foot pounds and 180 grain minimum) shoots bullets of high b.c. to 2800fps or higher Mine is a 30-06 Forbes 24b with 2.5-8X leupold with B&C reticle. 6 pounds 13 oz scoped with a sling, last time...
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    MR Guidelight frame and longer torso's post pics

    Farmingdale, I am using a Brooks 7400 run with a small lid. I prefer a big pack to the under bag meat shelf method. I tried a Mystery Ranch Marshall XL... frame was too short so I sent it back. Nice bag though if you have a shorter back.
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    MR Guidelight frame and longer torso's post pics

    I also have a long back and found the MR packs just don't lift enough for 21" + and a heavy load. I went with a Seek Outside that with the long extension makes into a 28" frame. It's wonderful to finally have enough lift!
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    Pack comparison - mountain laurel vs hyperlite

    If it fit me (My back is too long) this is what I'd go with in the light weight category that still might take 60 pound loads
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    Plantar Fasciitis Steroid Injection

    My wife had it very bad for years. What worked for her is a combination of wearing hiking boots with a soft, supportive insole all the time.....when standing (and I do mean all the time) and the rolling the foot on a ball thing. I think the support allowed time for healing, otherwise she was...
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    Sheep rifle attributes?

    light and handy grizzly defense capable accurate reliable stainless/synthetic
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    Tikka caliber?

    It has a long action so 30-06 makes sense. It feeds 30-06 pretty slick with the 3 or 5 round magazine. Mine shoots well under MOA to 500 yards and with RL 17 and 165 Spitzers really does a nice job as an all-rounder. Kick is pretty moderate and power is all you need. No point going 308 in...
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    Tenzing packs for hauling out?

    Buy once! Cry once!
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    What to do...change it or keep it? (Leica 65mm or Kowa 553)

    I just don't see the point of taking 15X Binoculars and a spotter. I'd do almost anything to avoid the duplication. I have a vortex doubler and yes it isn't a perfect solution, however it does weigh less than 2 oz. That is the big selling point.
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    8x vs. 10x - my take

    I have pretty much switched to 10's for mountain use. From sitting with elbows over knees you can steady the 10's for more resolution than 8's. On a Tripod the 10's jump ahead even further. For bush or all around use I go to 8's or even 6's. I have 6x32 Vipers that work great from the...
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    What to do...change it or keep it? (Leica 65mm or Kowa 553)

    There is no replacement for displacement. 65MM is going to have some advantages over 55MM when the quality is even. The Kowa looks very good but I have the 65MM Leica and it really is outstanding. Saves a lot of miles! If I wanted to use 15x56 Binos/s I'd likely pick up a doubler and boost the...
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    Looking for a pack for my 1st Dall Sheep Hunt in Alaska ..

    Getting the right fit is really important. I have a really long back and find a 28" frame is my main goal for a heavy load. A 26 is good but just a bit shy with load lift when heavily loaded. This pretty much means a 28" Seek Outside or a Kifaru custom. My son is the same height as me with...