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  • it is built on a 700 Remington. I had a gunsmith Clay Spencer in Charlottesville VA build it for me. I use the AI mags, and it feeds fine. I add to adjust the lips on the magazine, but after that no issues at all. The magazine opening was too tight, so the round was not up high enough for the bolt to push it forward consistently. it is very accurate to, I have shoot a couple 1/2" 200 yard groups with it. I shoot in 4 matches last year shooting berger bullets, but they have been tough to find, so I may try some Sierras.
    I saw your post from a while back about your 260ai, what action is it based on and how well does it feed from the magazine? I'm kicking around the idea of putting one together as I love my 6mmai but thats an encore single shot and im looking to build a bolt action. Thanks in advance
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