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    CO G12 Nanny Tag

    I also drew this tag but mine is either sex. I would certainly be interested in some recommendations or information if you are willing to give some up.
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    Best 300 Win Mag for $1200

    Go with a .308. I kill elk and deer with a .308 every year with no problem. It is also cheap to buy ammo and is typically abundant.
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    Best 300 Win Mag for $1200

    Both Bergara and Tikka offer rifles in that caliber, for under 1k, that have a 1 moa guarantee. I would start there. Also, I agree with most of the comments on avoiding such a large caliber. It is a great caliber but is it necessary? Finally, if you are going to use this for mountain hunting out...
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    308 0r 6.5 CM?

    I am voting for the 308. I have this exact gun and I have shot two elk with it. I really like it and it will be cheaper to shoot than the 6.5.
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    Colorado 2021 Elk Unit Decisions

    I think it depends on the ranch but I would say that you will be better off doing a non rfw tag.
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    Colorado 2021 Elk Unit Decisions

    Well I do not know what the best unit is for you in regards to drawing with 13 points. In my experience, the bulls are still doing some bugling in first rifle depending on where you are hunting and in a unit that takes that many points they might still be bugling. The last two elk I killed...
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    The Deer Aging Thread

    I decided to age a mule deer buck and this thread was a lot of help. It was an old buck that I was worried was going to be gamey and tough. I did the four quarters bone in. To start, the aging process turned out really well. I used a chest freezer with a inkbird 308 regulator to maintain my...
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    archery colorado gmu 12

    The sheep were as bad as I have ever seen in the area. There were lots of areas grazed down to dirt.
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    Newer Washington Hunter

    I was living on Bainbridge but work moved me back to Colorado a couple weeks ago. I had a great time hunting in Washington.
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    Help Understanding Harvest Report CO

    I am not sure then what the problem is. I do not really agree with a post about not paying attention to the harvest statistics. He is correct that it is volunteered information, but statistically speaking, it is probably within a standard deviation of being accurate. I use them in most states...
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    Help Understanding Harvest Report CO

    What year has a zero harvest listed?
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    First Washington Roosevelt Elk 2019

    This past fall my buddy and I decided to go out for an archery Roosevelt elk hunt in Western Washington. I had recently moved to Washington and they have OTC tags for lots of units. Both of us have been very successful hunting elk in Colorado and were looking forward to hunting for roosies. We...
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    Colorado OTC Elk Unit Confusion

    Those units are draw units for archery. The otc tag is only good for private land in those specific areas.
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    Flat Tops Archery

    I hunt the flat tops every year. It is a great area and the elk are spread throughout all different elevations. I do tend to find elk either high or very low bordering the private ranches. Good luck.
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    archery colorado gmu 12

    Unit 12 is a good unit for elk hunting, specifically in archery. The vast majority of people will hunt within mile of a road.