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  • I am amazed by you man. Dang. I don't even know what to say. I would actually enjoy meeting you I think. We are both equally large assholes, but today you win my friend. I lose a friend to a Grizzly attack, and you call me names. Thanks. I won't post on this thread again publicly, so feel free to continue trashing me. But just know that you've said things that won't be forgotten, and made an ass of yourself.
    On the LO 12 and 18 combo with baffles I also have extra sets of 12 and 18 rods (with springs), a spark arrestor screen, and an extra 12” body/sheet that has had maybe 2-3 burns. I’d take $285 shipped for everything (think I have $380+ in everything). The pipe may be 6’ (can’t remember, maybe 6.5). Great shape. Can send pics.
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