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  • I hope you sell them, but you can now buy them brand new from BH Photo for 1850 shipped. They are being closed out by Swaro. Even the 10x40 EL's Cabelas were selling for 2150 and Cabelas never has the best prices. The new NL Pures are the bino's Swaro want to push now. Good luck though.
    you have to call them to get the 300.00 discount. swaro does not allow dealers to advertise discounts. thats why it tells you to call on their website. its only on the 8.5x and not the 10x. swaro is going to phase out the EL as the new NL Pures gain market acceptance. don't take my word on it, call. I bought a new pr of 10x42 SLC's and a new pr of EL 12x50 in July 2020. Good luck with your sale.
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