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    7saum shooters

    I am running 180 hybrid out of short action w/ 26” barrel loaded to mag length about 2.95 for alpha mags with retumbo at 2956 FPS. Absolutely love the round and about to rebarrel it with a proof
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    Pack Suggestions

    New here and need suggestions on a pack.i will be going on my first Elk Hunt in Idaho this next year. I live in Texas and mostly day hunt but some of our stands are about a mile of walking to get there. I have narrowed it down to EXO or Kifaru. I am liking the k2 3500 and the Kifaru 22mag. Can I...
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    FNG From Texas

    This a great forum and I am looking forward to getting advice on good day hunting and also extended day hunting packs and gear for South Texas and Idaho hunts. The majority of my hunting is in Texas but will be venturing to Idaho once or twice a year to hunt with family.