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    Kryptic or kuiu Rain gear

    So I'm in a toss up between the two, I know what the chugach has to offer but who has the kryptic stuff ? What do you think ? Any alaska,washington or oregon guys have it, Not that any other states dont count but it rains a little more in these places than most ..LOL I have the storm front lite...
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    delorme inreach se

    How many of you have use this? How is the reliability of it, especially in heavy cover or canopy?? And have any of you have use this in the PAC NW?? As always thanks--Tim
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    Convertible style Pants

    So I'm thinking about trying a convertible type pant , needs to be synthetic material, prefere 4 way strech, fitted fi and at least 5 pockets . What have you guys used? I know rei makes a pair but having a hard time finding much more? I have ascent pants and they have the leg roll up option...
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    pack raft

    I know its not hunting , I guess it could be but what do you guys use . I seen a company offering a 2 person that wieghts in at 8.4 lbs ... So do you guys use? My intent is to be able to take one of my kids in it with me thanks for you help!
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    appy trails floorless tent

    So I have about all made up my mind on a sawtooth. Then I found these alot of guys have left good reviews on them and there is a few that have put stove jacks in them . So has anyone used them? Or is currently using them? Thanks to all !
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    Video editing software

    What do you guys use for editing software? I have a go pro and a carmera?
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    Osprey water bladders

    Osprey claimes to get more room out your pack with their bladders due to distibution. Does any one have there new line of bladders???
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    Merino underware??

    I was wondering how many days yuo guys get out of your merino boxers? On average I get about about 3 days ,and that is pushing it with my UA underware .... I 'm thinking of switching if I get a good 4 days out of a pair of merino's, but have so many pairs of UA its hard to justify if I'm going...