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    Lifestraws for $10

    They still offer a 3 pack for $35 if you're Prime. Won't be in stock until July 24th...
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    High quality leather boots for whitetail

    I run Crispi's. Have 4 different pairs. Nevada's, Idaho's, Guide's and Wild Rock's. They are all great boots for different uses. The Wild Rock's are Crispi's most insulated model. Which model you choose depends on your particular situation. For lots of hiking down to temps in the 40s I really...
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    Rechargeable headlamp

    I have this one - I think it's a decent unit. Not heavy, bright, inexpensive and the battery lasts well. It also has a red light which is nice...
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    Jetboil Minimo or MSR Windburner?

    Love my Windburner...
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    Wyoming antelope point?

    They used to give you a point if you failed to draw, but now you have to go online separately to buy points. The online option to do that is now open...
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    Welcome to Luxe Hiking Gear!

    I have their Mini-Peak. Great little shelter and under a hundred bucks! Great CS too. Just wish they'd get the inner tent for it back in stock :(
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    ATV Gun Transport

    Kolpin ATV case...
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    Enclosed trailer-wall lining

    I've seen FRP panel used...
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    Hunting accommodation hypothetical......

    Hahaha!!! I agree with you - and thanks for that post Poser - I literally just about spit coffee all over my monitor!!!
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    The Next Generation InReach

    FYI, I emailed Garmin to check compatibility of their watches with the new 66i. Here is their response: At this time, there are no watches compatible with the 66i. However, the technical team informed me there would be a software update soon for the 66i to work with other Garmin device, but...
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    Actually that's what I got too - the Ultra 1000's. Great bikes and yes a great company to work with!
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    Ammo Holder

    Butt pack on my rifle...
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    WTS Garmin Oregon 650T 4G for sale

    Make an offer...^^^