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    Really nice mule.

    Tater caught a case of Corona. Come check him out and help us kill it.
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    Welcome Mesa Horse Gear Company

    Welcome aboard
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    Really nice mule.

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    Sunglasses for Sheep Hunting

    Cheap ones
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    Horse Hunting Solo

    Nice bulls! Nice to see you took the time to set up your camera for a picture, I hunt solo a lot and it took a few years before I would try and get pics with the timer. How'd that horses back hold up with that rack on it, looks like that sticks riding on his spine?
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    2019 Sheep "meatpole"

    I was the guide but it was a great hunt for everyone 3 days of hunting 3 shots one ram.
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    Really nice mule.

    I don't blame you. Everyone I talked to about my horse I encouraged to come try him. Some did but the guy who bought him I talked to briefly an hour or so before the sale and he bought him, I'm fairly confident they'll get along fine. I plan on offering the same with the mule.
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    Really nice mule.

    Got a call from Jake Clark today he said they're moving the mule sale to online. Ill post a link when it gets set up.
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    Horse Hunting Solo

    Do it all the time, I usually always take a pack animal, I have plenty of stock and don't like to pack a whole elk on one.
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    New Career. What would you do?

    Marry for money.....
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    Clothing for someone 6'6

    Kuiu talus the inseam can be let out, also kings camo has a tall inseam. I wear 30 40 in wranglers and its a pain finding pants that fit. At least the short guys can have there's hemmed. Best solution…... Buy Gaiters
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    Very Poor Tag Strategy

    I wouldn't mind if the law was changed where land owners could sell there tags,. I think it would provide a great incentive for ranchers/farmers to create/leave habitat for wildlife, which I feel would be a net gain for everyone.