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  • Sorry to get back so late. I tested out a number if bows and I am afraid I am too short most likely for 27 draw :(
    Ok. Correct. By paying through paypal we are both covered in case something were to happen. I will ship the bow via usps insured so it's still covered if usps were to lose the package
    I will have an answer for you in about 3 to 3 1/2 hours. I am checking out a local bow, but it has to be awesome for me to pull the trigger. I do like yours a lot.

    So how does this process go with PayPal? You get funds, I get bow?
    I am interested, genuinely. My buddy recommended this bow to me as I am new to archery. Would you take 700?
    Check out my page "Young Adventures" on YouTube and Instagram for real hunting and outdoor videos! 100% fair chase, public and private land hunting! Leave a comment or PM me with any suggestions or comments. Thanks!
    Jared Young (@young_adventures_outdoors) • Instagram photos and videos
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