#2 PRB Renegade @ the Farm


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Nov 30, 2012
Northern Idaho
I was a great day for shooting yesterday, so I decided to take one of the other PRB guns to the farm to shoot. I have not shot it since last summer so I figured it would be a good thing to check it out.

The Lolo Trail ML guys are holding their annual Spring Fling above Orofino, ID on the 14th of April. Thought i might verify that the Rene was ready to go.

Most often the Spring Fling is just a bit early for Spring... Up there winter seems to hang on a little bit longer. Although this year could be the exception... instead of tromping around in the snow we might actually be walking on the ground. The Spring Fling is a warm for the full bore Rondy coming later. They offer a rifle-pistol waking trail, Hawk and knife activities... a great big warming fire and a supper pot luck luncheon. Just plain a great time...

Well anyway... go out to the farm and set up a course of birds. 13, 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards. Set up the portable bench and rests and got ready for action...

My first shot of the day at 13 yards should have told me something but I ignored the miss and went on. At 13 yards holding on the center of the bird - I shot over the top of it... at the time it did not bother me a lot but later in the day it was frustrating. I next decided to take on a 25 yard bird again holding near center mass... Over the top again!!!!... So OK lets try the 50 yard birds. This time I held on the very bottom of the bird might have been even under it a bit. But the bird went away and things were feeling better. Second 50 yard bird disappeared very easily also... Now then the 75 yard birds holding on the bottom of the bird - over the top again... So onto the 100 yard birds and still over the top..

This rifle has a TC tang peep sight on it and it is one of those turn and guess how far you are moving the POI. I lowered the sight and took on the 100 yard birds again... No glory, and by the way @ 100 yards with the angle of the sun at this time, the dang birds were really hard to see. Another thing that didn't help the TC apeture has a 0.050 which is good for target shooting and little tight for these old eyes...

OK so I gave up on the birds and broke down an put a paper target out. I did not have any stick on bull targets so I imrovised a bit and tried to color in the bull.

With the first target I found that I had lowered the POI to much on my first attempt Finally got it back in the area and replaced the target with a new one. The yellow shots were my first 3 shots on this target - then another small elevation adjustment and 3 more shots (blue).

The real problem... There is no way in heck that I can prove I was holding on the same spot each shot. I was trying to use a 6:00 hold on all of them but at that range and with I could see... Tossup!!! :?:

I do feel better about the shoot after shooting the paper. After the paper verification - I did go back and pick up the 13 and 25 yards birds - no problem just like they were suppose to go... Then the dang cell phone went off... Higher headquarters telling me I was out of time and need to come back to realality... She needed something done...

Paper Target...