WTB 375 Weatherby Mag Ammo


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Oct 23, 2021
I recently found a deal I could not pass up on a Weatherby Mark V chambered in 375 Weatherby Magnum. Luckily it came with 80 rounds of 300 grain 375 Weatherby Magnum ammo and another 80 rounds of 375 H&H ammo.

Unfortunately I’m finding it nearly impossible to find factory loaded 375 Wby Mag ammo. So if anyone has a box or several they would part with please let me know. It can be factory loads from Weatherby or ammo loaded by companies like Hendershots, etc. Even reloads will work. I can always break a couple down and verify the powder charge etc.

I’m not setup for reloading yet so I’m kinda at the mercy of what I can locate online.

So I guess just reply here or PM me with anything you have available.