45 FT Mountaineer @ the Rock Pit


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Nov 30, 2012
Northern Idaho
It was another really good day here - I can not even remember the last time we had two good days back to back. In a phone call today I was asked if I were in the Rock Pit shooting - which I wasn't - but after he asked and I looked out side I really wondered why I wasn't... sooooo

Finished getting some odds & ends down around the house then decided to make a run for it. Packed up the shooting boxes and decided to take the new Mountaineer 45 cal. Fast Twist. It was already pretty much sighted in but I wanted to complete it and verify it was where I wanted it. After shooting the older Super DISC yesterday I really had decided that it would probably be the rifle going to the field this season for hunting deer during the general rifle season here in Idaho. But after todays trip to the pit that is changing.

I really dislike shooting in the Pit, but at this time of the year the fields at both farms are total mud and I am going to have to wait a few weeks to get in them. Then next safest place close by to shoot is the Rock Pit. But I have a history with the Rock Pit. The Pit is on National Forest ground on the Palouse Ranger District. I worked on the District for 28 years as a Recreation Tech - during that time I spent many hours picking up trash that we sportsmen leave in the pit. People bring anything you can imagine to the pit and shoot it - then leave it lay. Look at the pictures closely and you will see the bulky trash I speak of. I know the Clay Birds make it look even worse but at least they are bio-degradable.

Anyway... got to the pit and found enough birds laying around to use as a setup on the Rock Wall. After the first couple of shots I did make an adjustment the brought POI of impact 3" high at 100 yards. This fits with the PBR (Point Blank Range) that I use for hunting.

This Ballistic print out provides the information I am using...


Using this information you can see that I should be able to shoot to or near 200 yards and never be lower than 3" low or 3" higher than the POA

Back to the rifle... this is the way It came to me. The factory stock looks great and it really did shoot well but it was really to bulky for me. So I removed a Kevlar Stock from a Ultra-Lite and put that on the Mountaineer.


I really wish Knight would sell these Kevlar stock as a stand alone part - but they are not so inclined!

This is a group of pictures from todays shoot...


Once again I would suggest to those of that want a really accurate rifle for both sabots and big conicals the 1-20 is the real thing. Especially deer hunters that hunt the wide open spaces.

I believe, but really do not know, but Knight still has some 1-20 Mountaineers for sale! Is there any other manufacturer making a FT 45?