Arrow Rest Maxed Out Bare Shaft Tuning


Senior Member
Oct 31, 2017
Western Oregon
I have a Bowtech RealmX 65lbs 28.5" draw that recently had GAS bow strings installed. The shop timed the cams and I shot bullet holes through paper using Axis 340's at 28.5" with 175 grains up front using a Hamskea hunter hybrid rest.

At the archery range arrow flight was OK but at longer distances 60+ I would get inconsistent groups. Thinking I needed to fine tune the bow by bare shaft tuning I shot some groups at 20yards which had my bare shafts hitting left of my fletched arrow, when I went to adjust my arrow rest it was maxed out to the left away from the riser.

Just to see what would happen I moved my rest 1/16th towards the riser but all this did was move my point of impact with the fletched arrow and still produced bare shafts hitting to the left. I also shot some axis 340s with 116grains up front incase it was a spine issue but the results were the same on bare shaft impact.

Please Keep in mind I am a knuckle head and don't tune my own bows but I cant believe that a method of tuning a bow is to max out the arrow rest instead of yoke tuning to address paper tuning.

Please feel free to tell me where I'm wrong and what your thoughts are on what I should do to resolve this?