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Apr 14, 2013
This is all 100gr stuff with the exception of the brass inserts.
Some of the broadheads need touched up for hunting. Some others are ready to go.

Muzzy x 3. These have some practice blades and one extra set of blades.

There are 4 standard slick tricks and two Magnum. Two of the standard are only good for target practice heads.

The rage expandables are not legal for big game here in Idaho. I was going to use them for Turkey but never did.

There are 4 crimson talons. They are legal non barbed heads.
The other 5 are some random 100 gr heads I've had.

10 Target Field points.

11 brass inserts that are 75 gr with 25 gr breakaways. These will not fit gold tip XT hunters. They are for the next size down in carbon arrow that I know nothing about.

$35 tyd PayPal gift or add 3%


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