Daughters first turkey


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Jun 10, 2016


Yesterday I was able to take my daughter out after her first turkey. The birds here in SD are still grouped up so we did very little calling just to locate then set up an ambush. They love to travel up and down the creek beds on the prairie between strutting areas, feeding and roosting. Once we knew where they were I had her set up on a trigger stick tripod to wait, and wait. By the time they were showing up at around 50 yards she was having issues seeing them. We scooted up a little more to get a better angle, then waited for the flock to get inside 30 yards. The Tom was putting on quite a show strutting and gobbling at every noise made. I must've told her to shoot at least 6 different times. In the end she was able to put a clean head shot on him to drop him on his tracks. She was so excited to get a very good Tom on the first day, along with ribbing her brother that she shot one before him.

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