DCS guide jacket or Peleton 240?


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Sep 9, 2012
I spent 9 days in N BC and never took off my hooded Peloton 240, and the Microtex shirt and Paradox zip neck under it. Weather was in the 40s when I went in and dropped to single digits at our tree line camp. On climbs the P240 was the outer layer and at other times I had a Spindrift jacket over it and/or Superdown jacket and/or Chugach rain gear. Even a Cabela Berber fleece vest layered over it one super cold morning. I really like the Peloton 240. Great piece of clothing.


Jul 30, 2019
I wore my Peloton 240 every single day of my moose & black bear hunt in Alaska this year. Only time it came off was when ascending long steep climbs and I was sweating. Otherwise I wore it constantly. Layered with anything from a Smartwool top, Peloton 200 hoodie, Super Down Pro jacket or DCS Guide vest. Used my Chugach jacket for my shell. It was the perfect combo.

I also have the DCS Guide jacket and it is probably my favorite stand alone jacket. It is obviously a beefier bios when compared to the 240. It will be warmer, block wind better and be more water resistant. However it is bulkier and not a piece I would consider on an “active hunt” where you will be adding or taking off multiple layers due to varying conditions.