Ideas for Remington 700 CDL left hand upgrades


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Jan 5, 2019
Looking for thoughts on what to do with my original Remington 700 CDL left handed rifle in 270. Got this rifle new around 2002 as my first rifle. Probably has less than 300 rounds through it. It's the basic package - walnut stock, steel everything, heavy trigger etc. I hunt locally in Idaho (elk primarily and deer) and looking to turn this into a do everything rifle. I have a load worked up for it with 150 gr ABLRs that will do what I need.

Dislikes: heavy trigger, stock seems heavy, scope needs updating.

Wanting to replace stock, trigger, scope, rings/bases. Limitations are LEFT HANDED options only. I see very few options for aftermarket Rem 700 CDL stocks. Currently eyeballing the H-S Precision stocks on stockysstocks. Curious if I'm missing options.

Also not sure if I want to get into scopes that dial? I don't shoot past 400, so not sure if it's worth it to learn the hassle of dialing. SWFA scopes are high on the list right now.



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Sep 6, 2014
W Sac CA
I've had great luck with the drop in Timney triggers. They are enclosed enough so that grime doesn't get inside. Older 700 triggers can actually be worked over to be very serviceable. For good budget stocks I have used Bell and Carlson, solid for the price. If this is a forever gun something fully spec'd to your liking from Mcmillan or similar would be a solid way to go.


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Jan 7, 2013
Medford, OR
I have my a takeoff LH 700LA wood (walnut) BDL stock here at the house. It was noticeably lighter than the HS precision one I replaced it with. (I can weigh it if you want.)
The HS was more stable of course, but not lighter.
I think Greyboe makes a LH-LA stock, you might look into.
A good gunsmith can get a older Remy trigger to 3.5-4lbs safely and easily. Usually for $50 or less. (There are a LOT of DIY guides on how to adjust it yourself... if you are mechanically inclined at all, and not dumb about how light you make it.)
Timney is a good option also.

Talley ultralight scope base/ring combos are available for LH.
I’ve built a stack of semi custom LH rifles if you want to talk, PM me and I’ll shoot you my phone #.

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