Kifarui 357 vs. Kuiu Venture 2300 vs. Badlands 2200 vs. Eberlestock X2


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Feb 28, 2021
Hi there,

Looking to invest in a good quality, internal frame day pack used for scouting, turkey hunting, work, etc. Ideally looking for something in the 2100 to 2700 cubic inch range. Do not plan on using/needing a meat shelf.

I like the looks of the X2 with the wings, but it seems small and has poor reviews for taller people.

The Badlands seems like a decent choice, but I didn't like the look of it when handled in store.

The Kuiu Venture 2300 seems like a great size for day pack... ...but I didn't like the storage and pockets as well.

I really, really like the Kifaru 357 Magnum. The side pockets seem great. My only concern with it, is it getting too big? The smaller Shape Charge seems too small to me, and it doesn't have the side pockets of the 357.

Curious as to feedback on these options and/or other models I could be missing.


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Mar 31, 2017
No. VA
I don’t know anything about the Badlands, but the other three ought to be good. I have the X2, and variations of Kuiu, and Kifaru packs. All are good. I really like the utility of the X2.
edit: the X2 shoulder straps are not adjustable so perhaps it doesn't fit tall real well. I‘m not tall so can’t say. The Kifaru is adjustable, and the Kuiu offers two size choices. Kifaru is made in USA.
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Apr 13, 2021
the badlands has been great in my experience but its a bit on the heavy side.

One plus is the warranty. In speaking with a rep on what pack to buy i mentioned i was shopping because my previous 2200 was stolen. He said well shit ill cover that with warranty what color do you want?

I found that to be extremely impressive customer service bordering on lunacy