kuiu gloves


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Jun 11, 2013
se ga
merino 230 glove in size large fits me very well. normal golf glove size is large cadet which has a shorter pinky finger . some may find the pinky lacking while rest of glove fits. no wrist closure but rubber beads on palm and fingers are going to help in gripping. tiburon glove size large fits me well although a little large overall.wearing the merinos under them fit fine and will make a good combo for cooler mornings . velcro wrist closure
and a tacky grip surface on palms and fingers. just received them no field tests but will be looking for others with first hand reviews. going to order two more pair of merinos to keep in harley and truck. have a nice holiday......


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May 2, 2012
I tried on the 230 in the store. size large and they fit very well so I ordered them right then. During the winter months I am hunting with a bow, so I need a bow friendly glove.

last year I wore the crap out of a pair of light merino russel or core4 (can't remember) I purchased from camofire. they were the 185 I think, but I wore them from 18 degrees in AZ to the 50-60 degrees hunting hogs in CA. I could still use my wrist release and the gloves did very well. With that said hopefully the 230 will be a tad bit warmer in the colder weather, which would make for an awesome glove.