My early season pants review (over analysis incoming)


Feb 14, 2021
Hi all,

I just wanted to share my personal thoughts about some popular pants for early season archery hunts based on my own experiences.

Here are the contenders:

KUIU Attack - great pant, but KUIU's fit puts my junk in a vice. I also got these before tall inseams were available, so they tend to be slightly on the "flood pants" side for me (although with boots you can't really tell). Another issue for me is that these are too hot for me for early season. The fabric on these pants is awesome, repels a ton of moisture and is somewhat quiet for how weather resistant it is. I tend to use these for later in the year with some UA cold gear leggings underneath. I was debating moving to the Kutana pants for early season, but those are not offered in tall sizes and I'm not sure upsizing the waist would solve my crotch fit issues.

First Lite Obsidian (OG) - These are awesome pants that breathe great. In fact, I killed my antelope in 2019 wearing these doing spot and stalk archery (they are super quiet). The cons are (as I found in antelope country) that the fabric isn't that durable and the sizing/fit sucks. I felt like these were both points that were addressed in my next contender, so I ordered a pair.

First Lite Obsidian Foundry - These pants fit great for me. Honestly the best fitting pants in this list. That said, the fabric choice for the "reinforced" sections is super loud (loudest of the bunch). There's just enough of it in the crotch/butt that it rubs and swishes as I walk. As a result, I had to send them back. For $200 I expected the ultimate early season pant, and these did not deliver.

Prana Zion - These are now my go to early season pants. For the price, they can't be beat. Fabric is slightly louder than the KUIU Attacks (still relatively quiet) and quieter than the First Lite Obsidian Foundry. For a $70ish (on sale) pant that's not designed for hunting, I can't complain. Fit is a bit tight in the legs, but not as bad as the KUIU fit.

Hope this helps some of ya'll save some money on pants. Good luck out there.


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Feb 29, 2020
I really like the Prana Zions too. Just picked up a couple more pairs from the Independence day sale.
I also like the King's Camo XKG Ridge pants. The fit is a little more relaxed than the Zions.


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Oct 8, 2019
Tiburons are nice but allow anything with a sharp point through.

I much prefer the Kutanas. Work well in the heat and are significantly more durable than the Tiburons and Attacks. Worn them while hunting in temps to 110 with no complaints about them.