Packitgourmet Trail Meals ?


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Dec 16, 2012
San Antonio, TX
For the BackCountry Hunters...

I ran across an interesting source for backpack meals.. "Packitgourmet".. Has anyone tried their stuff? I have not tried any of their meals yet, but looks promising..

I was looking around for something besides the normal "Mountain House".. Idahoan Potatoes.. Came across these guys in AUSTIN, TX..!

I noticed they also sell a huge variety of small packets of condiments, cholula, etc. (in case you don't collect enough at your neighborhood drive thru, etc..)



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Feb 13, 2013
King Co WA, Purgatory adjacent
I ordered quite a bit of this before my elk hunt last year. Some of it is flat out awesome, some of it not so much. Loved the cheesecakes for desert, breakfast smoothies are good plus contains lots of water. The smoothies are really good if you have very cold water. When you order be carefull as some of the meals require fairly elaborate prep. I stuck with super ease meals for the most part. I did get the bangers and mash. Incrediblely good and it comes with venison sausage. I didn't like their potatoes and substitutes instant potatoes. I liked the mudslide mix. I mixed it with a small amount of apple pie ever clear as a celebratory drink after I got my bull packed out.

I still use mountain house mostly but packit defiantly is good for breaking up the routine.