Washington GMU 513 muzzleloader questions


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Oct 24, 2015
So here's my dilemma(before we get to the meat and potatoes) -

Earlier this year I had someone I was intending to hunt elk on private land with... I say private, it was timberland but the company will let you hunt it if you ask them and let them know which parcels you're hunting. Well, after the guy blew me off(see thread I posted in General about shitty people in general) I'm now back to hunting solo on public... yes, I could write these landowners and ask for permission myself, but that fellow did some legwork on that and I'm not the type of guy to do something like that. It almost feels like hunting your buddies spot without him.

I toyed with switching to archery east tag, but honestly the prospects of hunting spikes doesn't seem like that much fun, and although I'd probably love the country(356 area), I know a lot of other folks do too. I'm gonna save my archery elk hunt for out of state next year.

I still want to get into the woods and actually do some elk hunting since I haven't actually hunted them yet. This has left me looking at 513 for muzzleloader... I live in Roy so its within an hour of the house, and I have some familiarity with the unit having hunted it for bear and grouse before.

I figure its a long shot because there's only so many people who hunt Washington on here, but I have some scenarios laid out in my head, and I'd love to talk to someone that's at least familiar with the unit about tactics and whatnot. No, my questions aren't "hey what rock do I stand on to kill the biggest elk in the unit".

I have exactly two other friends who hunt - neither of them have any familiarity with the unit, otherwise I'd try asking them before I posted about it on a public forum. I've also used the search feature here and hunting-washington. Not too much on the unit - especially during muzzy season.

Also if it helps at all, I would be willing to give out some leads on good bear country in eastern Washington. Even though I'm not looking for someone to give me a rock to stand on, its pretty much all I have to offer at this point... that, or a strong back to help you pack something out, or a quarter of an elk if I get anything(I doubt it, but hey even a broken clock is right twice a day...)

Thanks in advance.


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Aug 8, 2020
I would hunt on the PAcific crest trail if I were you. It’s a hike in but there is plenty of water back there and once you get there easy hiking. Problem is after day two the places is blown out and the elk get very shy


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Nov 9, 2020
You looking at state , private, or the GP ? There are elk, but pretty scattered. Just got to locate em , then hunt em. I hunt, live and play in the area. Also muzzy hunting, just ain't found a locate yet. But lots of options.
Looks like good camping weather, not so good for hunting. Best of Luck to ya