WY Bear Area 30, 16


Mar 5, 2019
Hey guys,
Planning my first spring bear hunt. Looking for a spot and stalk hunt and I'm wondering if anyone has experience in these areas. Google earth looks promising, as well as harvest statistics (I know that can be skewed sometimes because of outfitters) but I'm wondering what the hunting pressure looks like, when the area typically becomes accessible from snow, etc. Covering miles in rough terrain to get to glassing spots isn't a concern, in fact I'd almost prefer it if it's worth it to get away from crowding.

I live in northern Colorado only about 20 miles south of the WY border, so in a perfect world I'd hunt areas 8 or 9, but between the Mullen fire last fall and what I've read on here about it being a tough area to spot and stalk due to thick cover I'm looking further west. I've got a toddler at home and another on the way so I'll probably only have four or five days, and possibly another weekend later in the season if the initial trip isn't successful. Not looking for any honey holes but if there's an area closer to here that you guys think I shouldn't overlook I'd love to get your thoughts.