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    Idaho Draw Results

    I drew the same.
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    Idaho Unit 18 Elk

    I got cow/rifle. A friend and his family drew several tags and hunt the Low Saddle area.
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    2019 Spring Bear Success Thread

    Idaho over bait.
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    Meat carrying day pack

    The MR Scree is surprisingly good for such a low price.
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    FNG from Idaho

    Emmet's not a bad place - great new steak place there too. Welcome to Rokslide.
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    Idaho Unit 18 Elk

    I'm talking about the rifle season, but the new regs dropped today. Extra tags are gone, bull tags and cow tags are also reduced in number. It's going to be harder to pull a tag in there.
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    Vortex Viper 6x24 ffp

    I just got the PST Gen2 FFP today, looks good so far.
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    Looking for a partner for Colorado opener

    I’m in the process of arranging a private land hunt in 23, but not until 4th season. Not sure if that’s in your wheel house?
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    Bear bait recipes

    The anise powder from Boarmasters is effective, and a bear biologist I know swears by citronella. All in addition to bread/donuts/ grain, etc.
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    Colorado GMU 23

    I have a chance to hunt 2500 private acres here for elk. Coming from Boise, won’t have a chance to see it before second or third season. Anyone have success in this unit previously?
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    Kill Kits?

    Mystery ranch Zoid bag, Black Ovis quarter bags, zip ties, Havalon, Buck S-30v knife, sharpener, paracord.
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    Idaho Elk Hunt

    Are you talking Unit 19/20 Mackay Bar area? I’m interested, usually hunt 18 Riggins area but plan to buy an extra tag for that area.
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    What tires are you running?

    Falken Wildpeak on a Ram 2500 Diesel. Impressive for the price.
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    Boise FNG

    Welcome - Boise lurker here myself. Putting together a 3rd long range rifle - pm me if you plan to shoot this spring.
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    New used truck

    You mean Silveraydo!