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    The gun IS ALWAYS loaded!

    I echo the sentiments here. I hunt with my 14 year old daughter all the time. I can't imagine doing this. She and I talk about gun safety almost every time we go to the woods. Even being that particular about it, accidents can still happen. Prayers to this family.
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    Spotting Scope & Tripod Recommendations?

    Ok. So, I have found where I can get a brand new Vortex Razor 27-60x85 for $1000. The Meopta S2 brand new is $2600 and I can possibly get a used one for around $2000. If you were going to use this spotter maybe a couple times a year for family vacation purposes, would you still spend the...
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    Let see your best camp photos!

    Oh man. Congratulations! That's a bucket list hunt for me. And it looks like you got a moose of a lifetime!
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    Spotting Scope & Tripod Recommendations?

    Will do. Thanks!
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    Spotting Scope & Tripod Recommendations?

    I meant to put that in my original post. I have an ABSOLUTE MAX of $2000 to spend on a spotter and tripod combo. That's the reason I have been looking at Vortex because all of their spotters fall into that category. Of course, when I add the cost of a tripod, I have to back the cost of the...
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    Spotting Scope & Tripod Recommendations?

    @Camera Land I'm definitely all ears! I have no idea really what would be a good spotter. I know I like Vortex because of their warranty. But I'm not strictly a Vortex brand specific buyer. I know they get a lot of reviews because they're much more affordable than the higher end ones.
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    Let see your best camp photos!

    What were you hunting for?
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    Spotting Scope & Tripod Recommendations?

    I have searched for the same topic but haven't found one that fits my circumstances, so I thought I'd post another one. I am going to buy a spotting scope in the next few months. I'm leaning toward the Vortex Razor 22-48x65 or the 27-60x85. I am going to be exclusively using it to take on...
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    One item you wish you carried sooner?

    Trigger stick. I have no idea how many times I’ve used it in the 4 or 5 years I’ve carried one. But, it’s been a bunch!
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    Hand warmers

    I live in Missouri where it doesn't get that cold really and I've never had hot hands work correctly for me. I follow the directions perfectly but they just never work.
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    Would you eat this? (Infected deer due to old injury)

    I had a similar situation a few years ago. We didn't eat the deer and I don't feel bad about that decision. I wasn't SURE it was good so I didn't take chances and feed it to my family.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm thankful I could walk this morning after all the food I ate yesterday!