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    Planning My First Elk Hunt

    i'm a huge fan of truck camping with the ability to spike in a night or two if conditions require. save the $$ on Gucci coolers and get one really big igloo and fill it with frozen gallon jugs of water (worst case scenario, you won't run out of water at camp). 10x42s are fine for identifying "an...
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    Smartwool 20% off
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    Hoffman Boot Review/Giveaway - Tell us what you want.

    1. 6" 2. non-insulated 3. waterproof 4. vibram sole, medium flex (Crispi 3 flex), locking lace lug for locking ankle in place, full rubber rand, laces that run to the toe of the boot for varying fit with different socks. lastly, helium impregnated soles to make my pack lighter.
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    Son had a great opening day!

    That's what it's all about. Getting wins in the outdoors for young hunters. Congrats to you both!
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    Guide light vs guide light mt

    could be my build...not sure. i spent hours on the phone with MR and sent them pictures and they tried and tried to help me get it fitting better. there was nothing we could figure out to get it to ride better under heavier loads. the belt would sag down onto my glutes and cause pain in my hip...
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    Guide light vs guide light mt

    i have used both guide light and guide light MT. i would definitely wait for the guide light MT. it's a wash between the two until you throw 50+ lbs in the bag and the guide light belt performs very poorly. the guide light MT addresses the short falls of the guide light. that's my personal...
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    My 2019 CO Elk Hunt Gear List

    watched a tank of a muley at 33 yards for a few minutes one evening. it was really cool. this dude was an old warrior. looked to be past his prime. really made me wish i had a tag in my pocket.
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    My 2019 CO Elk Hunt Gear List

    my knife and broadheads are still razor sharp...
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    Weston grinders and vacuum sealer

    They.....suck....sorry I had to :LOL: Honesty I have no experience.
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    DIY tarp 10X12

    i spaced it out over 4 evenings. probably a couple hours each. all the reinforcements are what eat up your time
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    Are Kifaru,Exo and Stone Glacier that much better?

    +1 for that ^^^ if you call before 7am MT (non-hunting season) you will get Frank and he is extremely helpful.
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    Are Kifaru,Exo and Stone Glacier that much better?

    if you do make the dive on kifaru (or any other pack in that class) they hold their value really well. if you hate it, just resale it here in the classifieds.
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    DIY tarp 10X12

    i used 1.6 oz silpoly. mostly because it was 2nds material and a little cheaper.
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    Are Kifaru,Exo and Stone Glacier that much better?

    I tested these 3 with 70+ lbs loads before my hunt...MR beartooth on guide LT frame, MR marshal on guide frame and Kifaru cavern on UL frame. I'm 5'10" 160 lbs and very lean. The Marshall sucked under heavy load. The frame and belt would not keep the load from sagging down onto my butt. No...
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    Outdoor Vitals Atlas sleeping bag review

    i was actually really surprised how small this bag compresses down to with the compression bag it comes in. i forgot to add you can pick up blems and refurbs on their website and get some slamming deals. they come with full warranty too.