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    Best CO Unit For 17 Points?

    Good luck with your grandpa! Should be a great trip!!
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    Best .300WSM bullet for elk

    After a season of Elk hunting what did you .300 WSM guys prefer? The 200gr eld-x is intriguing.
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    Norma Ammo

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    Beating Cancer and Chasing Elk

    Beautiful story! Best I’ve watched in a long time.
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    My Idaho General season

    Epic deer! Great job on that guy.
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    2020 DIY September Colorado

    Lots of great meat there! Nice hunt and congratulations!!
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    My 2020 recurve elk hunt

    Whooo hooo!! Awesome!
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    Hoffman 800 Gram Hunter

    Hello Jim, I’m wondering if you’ve had any feedback from guys on the Insulated Hunters. I’m doing my first Elk hunt in November up near north eastern NV and am looking for some good boots. Thanks!
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    which Crispi?

    How are you guys determining your exact foot size? I’m several hours from a decent store.
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    6” vs 9” boots

    Good info here! I’ve been debating the same.
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    First Elk Hunt NV

    Thanks a ton for all that info!! Boots. So I have a pair of snow boot Sorel’s. They keep my feet very warm but I’m not sure they would be good for that terrain. I looked at the 10” Hoffman Hunter 800 gr thinsulate and they seem nice for $400ish. I guess it depends on how deep the snow is if...
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    First Elk Hunt NV

    Thanks for the help! It sounds like some great advice. I’ll get my priorities realigned.
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    First Elk Hunt NV

    Many thanks for the reply! I’d definitely like to save some money if I can so I’ll be shopping Camo a bit more. I want durable but it doesn’t need to be guide quality. I know a guide with a voucher for the area. The boots will be well broken in prior to the hunt. I’d like to get some now so I...
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    First Elk Hunt NV

    I’ll be hunting Elk in 075 NV in November and am looking for recommendations on many things but I’ll try to keep it brief. I’m a new Elk hunter so let’s keep that in mind. I’ll be shooting my Tikka .270wsm and feel comfortable at 300-400 yards currently. I’ll be practicing more until the hunt...