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    $1500 KUIU GIVEAWAY 🔥

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    The Glock 20 is ugly & now pointless 😁

    The only reason I want one is because it's a 10mm but I would still carry my G20 over the Sig.
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    Trijicon scopes for western big game hunting

    I recently went with a Credo HX 2.5-15x42 that will be mounted on my rifle for muley and elk hunting. Just waiting on rings. Trijicon scopes are very nice scopes.
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    Amazing SKRE GEAR Giveaway -- Spring into the Season 2022

    Fishing in the spring in my Simms G3 Guides.
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    223 load with 85 grain Barnes Match Burners

    Barnes has some load data for those bullets. I would think H322 would be too fast of a burn rate. I would try IMR 4895 first.
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    RCBS Powder Trickler-2 measurements

    I measured 3 1/4" for A and 4.5" for B. That is max height and the tube extended as far out as possible.
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    Best AR Barrel under $400

    I have a Criterion 16" hybrid that shoots really well. I have a White Oak barrel on backorder that I am still waiting on.
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    0 degree bags that are STILL COMPACT

    Another vote for Western Mountaineering, I have an Antelope MF. Great bag.
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    Does anyone use 3031 powder?

    I worked up a load with 3031 in 223 and 55gr Ballistic Tips. It shoots sub moa for me with good velocity. It is a compressed load. 3031 fills a 223 case very quickly.
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    WTT 7mm 140 Accubonds for 270 140 Accubonds

    Bump. I have 150 left.
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    Sorting pistol brass

    I sort all rifle brass by headstamp. There can be enough difference in case capacity between brands to make a difference in pressure. My pistol brass is sorted but thats because it was basically sorted when I started reloading the way I had it stored. I have heard a lot of guys dont bother...
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    WTT 7mm 140 Accubonds for 270 140 Accubonds

    Unfortunately not, looking for 140gr Accubonds only at this time.
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    WTT 7mm 140 Accubonds for 270 140 Accubonds

    Bump I have 250 I am looking to trade. These were sent to me instead of 270 140 Accubonds in mislabeled packaging. They were ordered as blems.

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