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    BowTech Carbon icon

    I've been shooting a carbon overdrive since it came out. Packing it all day is nice and it always gets attention at a chronograph. It slings 490gr FMJs at 292 fps at max poundage and only drops them to 276 fps cranked down to 60 lbs. I'm not sure how they stayed under the radar but it's an...
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    Wilderness Athlete 28 day Challenge

    Just finished the 28 day challenge. A few years older than the OP and started 20 lbs lighter. Spent the last 2 months of 16 with a no pushing, pulling, lifting order from the doc on my dominant arm. That led to about a 20 lb gain and a scary realization that I can't just do and eat whatever I...
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    More Idaho Hunting Politics

    Maybe some day but the main player in all of this is running unopposed. Another huge eye opener is while Idaho sportsmen were trying to stop Governor's tags Sayer was pushing for 40!
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    More Idaho Hunting Politics

    Looks like the chairman of the Wild Sheep Foundation was the puppet master behind the last tag grab attempt and the ousting of the commissioners. Puts WSF right up there with SFW in terms of "kings deer" wildlife management philosophy. Wildlife federation charges political interference led to...
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    2500 Gas or diesel ...

    I've had several gas and diesel trucks in the past. For me it comes down to the bottom dollar. I average 20,000 miles a year on my truck and I tow an average of 5000 miles a year. My current 2500 gasser gets 16 mpg average unloaded and 10 mpg average towing. With the current gas prices here...
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    Seek outside Cimmaron

    I used mine hunting elk this year and it's awesome. Quick and easy to set up, lighter and bigger than my old 2man. The stove option is nice but I couldn't keep it going all night without setting an alarm... that may not have been a problem if I had gotten cold though.
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    Heart n liver

    Don't over cook the liver. I usually cut the liver into strips about the size of large french fries. I cook it with bacon, let the bacon slick up the pan a little to keep the liver from sticking before putting it in, I add onions when I flip the bacon and the liver and when the bacon is done so...
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    collapsable water bottle

    I've used a Vapur bottle that I got as a gift for 2 years now with no issues. It's been pretty handy really.
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    Sharpening stone that won't break the bank

    Eze-Lap Diamond Products — Hunting / Fishing / Outdoors — Eze-Fold Diamond Sharpeners I use the 510 medium/superfine grey folder. I can generally shave with my knives before I go out and if they start to slow down I can have them back in shape pretty quick.
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    Where do I even start with gear?

    Be careful buying Cabelas meindl boots. The perfekt are German made but some of the others are cheap junk from across the other ocean.
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    Wolf meat?

    Did you have to smell the dog before you ate it? If someone handed me a taco full of wolf meat I might not care but they smell so bad I couldn't get around it if I killed it and tried to eat it.
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    Anyone else with Sawyer filter frustrations?

    I had 5 years on my first Sawyer squeeze filter and last year I popped 3 bags trying to get water. I figure for the price E I will just replace it every 4 years.
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    Meat Locker/Processor near Salmon, ID

    Pete's custom meats in Salmon. Does good work and makes great pepper sticks.
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    Wolf meat?

    ^^^ This. I could probably eat skunk before wolf. They can stink up an open truck bed in winter. It would be like eating dog turds.
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    carrying oil in backpack

    I make my own small packets with a vacuum sealer. I usually run coconut oil in them because it stays solid most of the time making it even harder to leak.