2022 Rokslide Cold Bow Challenge

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robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho

We're back! This is 6th year of our annual Cold Bow Challenge.

We just love publically embarrassing ourselves and members!

This challenge is designed to test your realistic Maximum Effective Range (MER). The Challenge will start Saturday, April 30th AT 8:15 AM MTN TIME on this thread.

You shoot one arrow each day of the challenge with no warm up or follow up shots and no practice between days, hence the name, Cold Bow Challenge.

Below are the entry rules. READ THEM ALL OR DON’T PARTICIPATE.

We delete ineligible posts without notice. If you have questions or comments, post those on the Q&A/Comment thread here so this thread stays clean.

1) Start a post in this thread (one post per shooter) on your first shooting day (you don't have to start on day one, but you do have to be done within 4 weeks (May 28th) or within a few days when 150th shooter finishes to qualify for prizes). No reserving post slots! Start your post once you start the challenge. Most years, you need to shoot within the first week to have an open slot.

2) Call the range that you think is your REALISTIC maximum effective range (MER). You must shoot your personal MER, so if it’s 60 yards, you can’t shoot 20 because that's all you have in your backyard! Push yourself a bit and make the effort--that's the spirit of the challenge.

3) With no warm up shots, shoot one arrow a day and only one arrow at your MER (you do NOT have to shoot 5 days consecutively, but there is NO PRACTICE between shooting days.)

4) Post a photo of that arrow's placement on a target that represents the kill zone size of your intended species. It's a five-day/five-arrow challenge, so post a photo each day in your original post so all five arrows appear in one post. (Just use the "edit" button—bottom of your post on full-site, or if on Tapa Talk, hold your finger on your post for a few seconds to see Edit option)

5) Be sure and mention the conditions, wind direction, and it’s fine to call your shot (“pulled left" for example) and give us a quick summary on your equipment. This is a gear site and we all want to know what our buddies are shooting.

6) To qualify, you must be a member posting on your own account. If you want your kids to shoot, they need to post on their own account. (Sorry, just too messy for the judges to figure out what’s going on.)

All Traditional and Compound shooters are welcome (but there will not be separate divisions). You can shoot both Traditional for five arrows and Compound for five arrows to double your odds, (put all 10 arrows in one post and it's OK to shoot both bows on the same day)

How Points are Counted:

--Every qualified participant shooting field points gets ONE name in the hat

--Every qualified particpant who shoots broadheads (fixed or mechanical) for all five arrows gets TWO names in the hat *note that practice heads for mechanicals are counted as field points. Shoot your mechanical if you want to qualify for broadhead category

--For every member that has at least 250 posts (on the day we qualify you), we'll give you THREE names in the hat for field points, or FOUR for Broadheads --it pays to be an active member!

Finally, this is not a competition, but because we're generous and we have some great sponsors, we’ll be DRAWING for some killer prizes for our qualifying members (Rokslide staff, family can shoot but can't win the prizes).

@mtnwrunner @Travis Bertrand & @realunlucky will be watching the thread to make sure entry rules are followed. If you don’t fix your post in a reasonable amount of time, we’ll delete it (sorry, we don’t have time to chase!)

Those guys will draw from those who complete the challenge according to these rules posted above

Edit: 6/6/22 Here are the winners!

Crispi boot package- @gburk
Iron Will Broadheads- @Johnson27
Mountic Outdoors- @doverpack12
ONX1 Elite- @chadcharb
ONX2 Elite- @Jbxl20
Ross Outdoors Stalking Shoes- @Felton
Tyto Knife- @cody21peterson
Phoneskope- @Jstumbaugh
Pyro Putty- @Cody_W
Creative Outdoors MT Bow Sling- @TX_Diver
SS Archery trekking poles- @mickfam03
Black Ovis Gift Card @Miflatlander91
Camofire Gift Card @thegoosano

Black Ovis Custom Arrow Build- @Chad E

Reminder- you have five days to send me a PM to claim your prize. If not, the prize could go to an alternate. Congratulations to the winners!
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robby denning

robby denning

Staff member
Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
Prizes will be posted as I‘m updated by sponsors:

Crispi is in for $400 smackers to spend on any boot (thanks @ktowncamo) See their store here

Winners Choice of 3 Pack of Iron Will Broadheads

Single Bevel 100 Grain Left Rotation Broadhead.jpg

or an Iron Will Hunting Knife


Mountic Outdoors is in for a $300 gift certificate. Check out all they have here

onX is back for 2022 with TWO Elite Memberships that cover nationwide, valued at $99 each.


Ross Outdoors is in for a pair of their over-the-boot Stalking Shoes valued at $120!

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robby denning

robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
Tyto Ghost Fixed Blade Knive


Phone Skope is back again to support the CBC with a Phone Skope Bundle valued at $125:

Phone Skope Bundle.png

Any Pyro Putty with a $50 Bundle!
Pyro Putty Bundle.png

Creative Outdoors is in with their Montana Bow Sling (it made our “Beat Of” list—good stuff!)

Our friends at S&S Archery are back again with their CL Trekking Poles! @Jordan Budd reviewed these here and gave a thumbs up

Black Ovis (the origninal sponsor to the CBC) is back with $150 Gift Certificate! Thanks @ktowncamo

Always outdoing himself, @ktowncamo just put up $150 at
Camofire, too!!!

Finally, one more from @ktowncamo and his company Black Ovis. They’re offering a Custom ID Arrow Build valued at up to $300!

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robby denning

robby denning

Staff member
Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
Shooting my Athens Convixtion @70lbs with TS quiver, Ripcord rest, Black Gold Ascent Site (Gen 1) Gold Tip Kinetic with SEVR 1.5Ti, 445 gr total and Beestinger back bar.

9” vital for mule deer

60 yard MER

Day 1 light wind

After completing 2 successful CBCs in a row on the Q&A thread, my first miss, and worst miss in two weeks of practicing. Nerves!

Day 2 light wind

Day 3 light wind

Day 4, 9mph wind quartering from left/behind. Sleeting. Shot broke a little soon but luck is a good thing!

Day 5 light wind. On the line but she’s in!

2022 CBC done for me.

Went 4/5 and can confidently say I added 5 yards over last two years as I tied and beat those years’ scores at 55 yards

The Back Bar from @Billy Goat and the SEVRs did that for me as Lord knows my shooting abilities aren’t any better (see Day 1 if any doubts ;) )

Good luck guys.
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Well Known Rokslider
Mar 28, 2017
Morrison, Colorado
Toothless is a two year old Bowtech Reckoning
~70+ish lbs 30" Performance, NEW set of super cool fire dragon Vapor Trail strings
29" Gold Tip Pierce 250 with Ethics 110gr insert/outsert 125gr point, (4) Rapt-x 2" Vanes around 540 grains total arrow tunes up perfect with a Cutthroat broadhead (FIELD POINTS SHOT FOR CBC)
Hamskea Trinity
Hamskea Raptor Peep
Spot Hogg Fast Eddie 5 pin
Tight Spot Shift Lock is NEW NEW NEW -->is really neat
12" Bee Stinger Microhex fresh coat of NEW krylon
Tru Ball Max Pro+

62 yards, my weak spot is shooting the X2, X3, X7, X8 yardages. I am a-ok holding on pin for X9-X1, and holding mid pin for X4-X6 distances. Beyond about 65yards and I would roll the sight, for this I am holding high. My "vitals" would be from the left edge (head) of the 10 ring to the right edge (butt) of the 8 ring; I want to stay off the delicious flat irons on any animal and we love butterflying the heart and cooking it like a london broil. An A+ would be the 10 ring right of the 12.

In between the stands, left of the elk, is a monster phorn.

PXL_20220430_132902312.jpg PXL_20220430_132145174.jpg

Day one, I chose the rainbow fletch pattern for good luck, it is also pretty straight. Weather was lovely. Winner.

Day two, I did a brain fart and am out. I looked at @KickinNDishin's shot through my Maven's and she was left on her muley. She was left yesterday as well, and I got it in my head that things might need to go right when the challenge is complete as I was drawing and running through my shot process. Unsurprisingly, my shot ended up right. Lesson =focus on what you are doing when you just get one fling. I did shoot with gloves and a hood on today to simulate the hunting feel.

Back in, weather was fine for day 3.

Day 4 some gusty wind swirls, I thought it would be a low miss off the animal from where the shot broke, but was just out of the vitals.


Out on day 5, weather was fine.
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Apr 13, 2022
Conifer, CO
Bow: Matthews Halon 32; 29" Draw, 70Lbs
Arrow: Victory Rip TKO Elite 300
Broadhead: Cutthroat 3 Blade 150gr
Total Arrow Weight: 492.2gr
MER: 50 Yards; vital zone is the replaceable target core.

Shot #1: 4/30/2022
Shot Direction: North
Wind: 6mph NNW


Shot #2: 5/2/22
Conditions: Snow, rain, fog, misery
Outcome: not my best

Shot #3: 5/3/22
Conditions: Cloudy, calm
Shot: better, but not by much.

Shot 4: 5/5/22
Conditions: 10mph wind left to right
Shot: felt good today. Looked good, too.

Shot #5: 5/7/22
Conditions: 8mph with 19mph gusts
Results: punched the trigger a bit. Not how id like to end, but thats the way she goes, boys.
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Well Known Rokslider
Feb 16, 2018
Northern Colorado
2020 Hoyt RX-5
MBG custom 4 pin slider
Hamskea Epsilon
Hamskea raptor peep
Crossover stabilizer
Scott little goose release
Tight spot 7 arrow
GT pierce platinum w/ titanium 1/2 certs and 4 max stealth frechings
Iron Will v100
MER 60yds at large green circle for vital

Shot #1
53° sunny, gusty winds parallel to target. Had to let down twice but shot broke clean and impact was 1inch low left.
Shot #2
48° Partly cloudy, no wind. Slighty distracted by my dog and a squirrel having a heated exchange. Shot broke and I immediately collapsed and dropped out the bottom of the target. Knew what happened when I looked at impact. Darn squirrel!
Shot #3
57°, bright and sunny with zero wind. Shot felt good and I would have guessed it was on the money. Walked up to see it was high but I am happy with all parts of the shot and wouldn't change a thing.
Shot #4
59° bright and sunny not a cloud in the sky, zero wind beautiful morning. Took my time and shot broke perfectly. Arrow is about .5 high and I am super happy with everything.
Shot #5
63° sunny after last night's rain. Wind swirling a little. Waited till things dried up a bit then took my shot. Shot broke and I felt good. Walked up to see i was right about an inch. Very happy with my shots thus far


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Jun 4, 2014
Changed my whole setup this year. Elite Enkore 70# 28-1/2 draw, Hamskea Epsilon, Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite 4 Pin Sight, BE Rampage w/half out, 125 Gr Striker V2 broadhead. My MER will be 70 yards this year. Found this used target at the range that will be my vitals. 6DC0737A-FC73-44E9-8EC9-2F2988BF6208.jpeg

Weather was bad. Raining with a 5-10 mph crosswind left to right. Shot felt ok but not great. Happy with the results.

Not good. Punched it left and missed the target🤦‍♂️

Weather was great and shot was great.


Weather was nasty. Big rain storm with wind left to right. I think I over held for the wind. Barely cut paper but I’ll take it!!

Was finally able to get my last shot in after nearly a three week break due to work and son graduating. It sure did show missed the target completely due to a flinch.

Over all I probably should have done a closer MER since I had a brand new set up and not very many arrows down range with it.
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Jan 28, 2017
Glad to be back for a fourth year of the Cold Bow Challenge. Thank you Robby, the admins, and all the sponsors who have made this possible!

Bow: Mathews Traverse at about 63lbs, 29". MBG Mountain Lite 3 pin sight, 15” AAE Mountain series front stabilizer with an 8" back bar, Mathews Arrow Web quiver (with 3 arrows in it), Integrate Rest. I recently went to the longer front stabilizer and am so far enjoying the results. Spot-Hogg Whipper Snapper Release.

Arrows: Beeman ICS 300 at 510gr. 100 grain VPA 3 blade broadhead.

I’m doing my MER at 60yds this year on an 8” circle to simulate a whitetail deer. That’s up 10 yards from last year because I wanted to push myself…though, there’s a good chance I’ll regret it !

Day 1: 40 degrees with a gusting 10-15mph wind from my left (North). Shot felt OK on the release but there was a decent breeze and I didn’t hold off at all to the left…which I definitely should have.

Day 2: Bluebird day. 65° out with a 5-10mph wind coming from the left. Release felt really good. Probably should have held off a bit but made it in the zone.

Day 3: Light wind. Drew and let down once due to some torque. Drew again and has some pin jitters but settled and pulled through for a nice feeling release. Happy with the results.

Day 4: Sunny with a 10mph wind from my left. Drew and let down once because of some big gusts. Drew again and held off to the left about 6" - That'll do!

Day 5: nice day out with a bit of a breeze from my left. Held off a couple inches...should have done a couple more. But this should do all the same.

I really enjoyed this year's CBC! For pushing to 60yds, I'm happy with the results. Would I ever take a shot on a whitetail at that range? Almost certainly not, but it's good to know I have a pretty high percentage of success should a follow up be needed.
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Apr 10, 2020
47 yards with Eva Shockey.
My last pin is 40 so I rolled the Fast Eddie down.
Bowtech Eva Shockey
~52lbs 25" Performance
25" Gold Tip Pierce 400 with Ethics 170gr insert/outsert 125gr point, (3) Rapt-x 2" Vanes around 505 grains total
Hamskea Trinity
Hamskea Raptor Peep
Spot Hogg Fast Eddie 5 pin; 20/30/40 and my bottom pin can slide to 61.
Tight Spot 5 arrow
10" Bee Stinger Microhex

No wind

Day 2 no wind

Day 3. No wind. Fixed my peep

Day 4
Day 5
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Apr 12, 2019
Shooting my Prime Black 3 at 80 lbs.
Arrow= Nexxus 300 with titanium outserts, total arrow weight is 492gr.
Broadlead= Sevr 2.0 100 gr.
MER = 60 yards
Kill zone is the 4” white square on the deer.

Day 1: 32° Sunny, no wind.
Result, low and left

Day 2: 34° sleeting, no wind.
Result, a little low

Day 3: 38° Sunny, 5-10 mph south wind. Result, a touch left

Day 4: 31° Cloudy, 5 mph west wind.
Result, a touch high.

Day 5: 28° Sunny, no wind.
Result, a touch high

Good luck all


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Ten Bears

Well Known Rokslider
Mar 1, 2017
New house, new scenery.

MER 45 yards. Broke my ribs 7 weeks ago working on the new home and this is the 2nd time I have shot my bow since. Was worried shooting even this far, but it wasn't too bad.

Same set up this year again. PSE Mach1 at 63lbs, VAP SS (480ish) with Valkyrie Fixed Heads.,Quivalizer, I'll post some broadhead closeups tomorrow.

Day 1. Wind out of the SE across the lake at 15/20MPH. Shooting from the side of the hill. I completely punched the trigger and luckily ended up with a great result.

IMG_4194.jpg IMG_4196.JPG

Day 2
Light winds. Overcast. Shot was crisp and flawless. I wish I could repeat that every time.
A7A39D8B-E2C7-41B2-A91F-91B0DBD7AC6B.jpeg 239FE057-91E3-4E0C-B4B9-0D12EBA8E1C2.jpeg

Day 3

No wind, overcast. Slapped the trigger again and it shows.

Day 4

Light breeze, cloudy. Skipped yesterday as it poured buckets all day. Shot was clean and crisp.

Day 5 Calm and clear. Rushed the shot and grooved it a little. Overall I shot a lot better than expected when factoring in the rust and ribs. Definitely need to build some archery muscle memory back up in the coming weeks. Felt weak in that department. Thanks again to RS and sponsors for the fun challenge.

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Aug 25, 2019
Happy to be posting again in the 2022 Cold Bow Challenge. Details:
Archerichards. Age 63. Charlotte NC
MER = 45 Yards. Backyard. 9” paper plate target. Fieldpoints.
Five consecutive days, with no warm up or follow up shots and no practice between days.
Hoyt RX3 Ultra. 65lbs. 31” draw
Spot Hogg Grinder sight & AAE Prophecy rest
10” front stabilizer w 4 oz.
Older Scott Longhorn release cut down to two fingers.
Gold Tip Airstrikes 300s. 484 grains. About 150gr up front.
Four fletch w AAE Max Stealth vanes.

Day 1 I got lucky. Long may it last.
Day 2: happy with this...
Day 3: Uh oh....

Day 4: some redemption.
Day 5: Back where I started...arrows 1 & 5 touching!

I have enjoyed doing this again this year (2nd time). Good for my shooting and a bit of fun. Next year maybe stretch it out to 55 yards? And I really should be shooting fixed blade BHs too. I will likely still be shooting my RX3 Ultra again, which I enjoy. It's an almost indestructible bow that always shoots better than I do.

Thanks, Robbie Demming and other Admins who make all this happen!
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Well Known Rokslider
Jan 12, 2021
Upstate NY
Second year doing the cold bow challenge. Last year my MER was 60 yards and I passed with NAP Hellrazors. Made some changes to my bow this year. Still shooting the 2018 Bowtech Realm 29" 70lb draw, rip cord drop away rest and new spot hogg fast eddie xl 2 pin site. I switched arrows recently to a 300 spine gold tip hunter xt and have Iron Will 100 solids for this year. We are headed to Colorado for an archery elk hunt this fall and I've been shooting and tuning a lot lately. I am trying to push my MER to 70 yards for this challenge in preperation for the fall. First shot was a success. Breezy and 35 degrees this morning C4336AA0-F147-485C-950E-9BC9B6F23E4C.jpeg 630598B4-3A25-47BE-9D76-C866F4D92C98.jpeg 89DEEBD9-E30C-441D-8769-518B105F242A.jpeg A781AF58-A311-4D70-899D-2B1D4CB0A9FF.jpeg shot felt good today however just clipped the plate with the broadhead.

Day 3: rainy cool day, no wind. 52 degrees when I got home from work and the rain let up to a sprinkle. BFE07120-DF5A-472C-9131-FECA8A1D4036.jpeg day 4: 71 deg and sunny. Left to right wind 5-10 maybe. Held left half of the plate looking for a correction from the wind. Didn’t happen but I’ll take it. 3447212A-8D0C-45B0-9D8A-B38C435218A9.jpeg day 5: 55 and sprinkling. No wind. Didn’t feel great about the shot today but snuck it in. Ended up 4.5/5 with today hit. Feeling pretty confident in my tune and set up. Hopefully our tags come out right in a few weeks. Thanks for the mods and sponsors again for hosting the challenge.
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Jordan Budd

Super Moderator
Staff member
Aug 8, 2012
NW Nebraska
Another year! Shooting my VXR as my new V3X won’t be here in time… bummer!

Mathews VXR 28
Bee stinger stabs
Hamskea rest
Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg sight
Day six 350 arrows
125gr field points

60 yards MER

Day 1 and first shot of the year. White hexagon is the vital zone.

Day 2
Black middle circle was my aiming point. Beautiful day with no wind.


Day 3. Fresh off of being sick all week. A little breezy with storms coming in.

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Well Known Rokslider
May 17, 2018
Hoyt Ventum 33, 70#, 29.5 inch draw
Hamskea Trinity rest
Spott Hogg Hoggfather sight
Tightspot 7 arrow quiver
Using the integrated short stabalizer with the hoyt, no other stabalizer
Daysix arrows cut to 29
Kudu 100 Broadheads with bleeders
About 535 grains total

Shooting 75 yards, aiming for the insert on my target which is 9".

Day 1 is a fail!

Day 2 on the compound snuck her in. We'll see how tomorrow goes, might need to adjust my elevation.

Day 3, another hit. Weather has been very cooperative this week!

Day 4, just barely snuck her in there. Seems like I'm grouping high and right. I was just making some tuning adjustments in the bow before the challenge so I might need to adjust my sight after this is all over.

Day 5, got lucky on this one to be honest! This is the only day of the challenge with any wind, dealing with about a 10 MPH head wind. The release felt bad, like I lifted the bow at the time of release. Somehow I still got it in the insert.

Overall score is a 4/5 and I'm pretty happy with this. Even the 1 shot I "missed" would still be well within the vitals of an elk, which is my target species. As I said earlier I had just made some tuning adjustments to my bow right before the challenge and wasn't 100% confident in where I was sighted in. It looks like I'm hitting a bit high at 75 and a bit to the right.

I'll shoot the recurve a bit later today and see how it goes.

Here is my recurve attempt.

Samick bow
Gold tip trad arrows
Cutthroat 125gr single bevel broadheads
17 yards on this one before things get squirrely.

Day 1-Snuck it in there!

Day 2, another hit with the recurve!


Day 3 with the recurve was a solid miss! Bad release.

Day 4 - Ouch, another miss with the recurve. I'm not sure what went wrong here. Release felt good but arrow flight was wonky... maybe extra face pressure?

Day 5 - I was REALLY wanting to redeem myself on this one today, but it was not to be! Shot felt really good and arrow flight was great, just misjudged the elevation (I shoot "instinctual" if you want to call it that).

So 2 for 5 on the recurve. I'm pretty disappointed about that considering it was only 17 yards but I can't say I'm suprised since I only bust this thing out a few times a year. What's kind of funny is that after I did my final cold-bow shot I went back to 35 yards which is roughly my "point on" distance and I drilled the insert 4 out of 5 times which I NEVER do!

Thanks to the RS staff for putting this together again this year! It's been a fun challenge and I've enjoyed checking out everyone else's shooting....we've got some impressive shooters on this site for sure!

Sent from my SM-G998U1 using Tapatalk
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Well Known Rokslider
Mar 11, 2014
Well- 2022! Cold Bow Challenge again- thanks for running this!! Maximum Effective range 67 yards -A beautiful morning no wind to speak of..
Day 1
tempImage7s9FOm.jpg tempImagezIR7gG.jpg
Mathews V3X29 68# 28.5"on 65# mod- Love this little guy. For such a short ATA I am really liking it at distance
Easton Axis 300
Magnus Stinger 125
Black Gold single pin
Spot Hogg Tough guy- back to the wrist rocket!

Day 2 - wind (Out of SE ((Right to left)) and a little rain. Went a little far forward. I'm using this deer target for vitals but target animal this year is an elk so maybe in there. Either way borderline adult arrows at 520gr I doubt I broke his shoulder:unsure: ranch fairy guys would know-LOL I should have accounted for the wind at this distance with a BH.
Day 3 - Very light wind, early am nice and calm after my run, tired but not winded. Trying to simulate a stress shot:

Day 4; Beautiful morning, 15-20 mph wind from North (left to right)
Day 5…final shot unfortunately guts. 25 mph winds from left to right. If I have learned anything it’s how much, at this distance, the wind plays a factor. I was aiming left due to the wind but it still got me. Had a blast with it- thanks Rokslide crew and Robby!
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Well known Rokslider
Nov 7, 2012
50yds this year, I actually have not shot my bow since last years CBC.

Hoyt pro defiant turbo at 65lbs.
GT hunter pro 400s.
100gr slick tricks.

Day 1. No wind.

Day 2. Swirling winds today. Still hit a little low again.

Day 3. Some swirly wind again. Low again.

Day 4. Calm.

Day 5. Slight breeze.
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Junior Member
Mar 22, 2019
Max Effective Range will be 60yds at 10” circle (mostly hunt elk).

Third year in a row doing this and will be using my new to me Prime which runs slow but is a lot easier to shoot accurately compared to my Mathews Triax. CBC always seems to sneak up on me while I’m tinkering with my setup but I think I’m all good this year! #ABT

2021 Prime Nexus @ 65lbs; Truball HBC Flex release; MBG S&S Backcountry Pro Hunter 3 pin, 12/8 Conquest bars, Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro rest, Black Eagle Rampage 300 with 4-fletch AAE PM23 vanes 3 degree helical, 100gr of BE FOCOS components.

I’m over spined but didn’t want to buy different arrows than my Mathews setup. Huge difference in stability/accuracy coming from a 28” ata to 34”.

Day 1-32 degrees, no wind, sunny. I have been struggling with a case of the dip-bang and it showed in this shot.
Day 2-34 degrees, no wind, some clouds. Same results at yesterday.
Day 3-32 degrees, no wind, overcast. DF0ADBC9-1BCF-466E-AC1B-4CB78208D680.jpeg
Day 4-29 degrees, no wind. The wheels fell off today. I let down, tried to reset and still fell to the anticipation.
Day 5-27 degrees, no wind, overcast. Been battling the flu since day 4 and had to skip shooting yesterday.
All hits, one just barely. The total group size was almost 5” vertically and 2.5” horizontally all low. There’s no point to aim at and I am struggling to keep the pin up.
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Well Known Rokslider
Jun 12, 2014
New setup this year. MER is 60 yards. Moose is the intended game, but that’s a big vital zone. Let’s say the 8-inch yellow ring is the heart.

Bowtech Solution, 67 lbs, 27-7/8” draw

Black Eagle X-Impact .300 arrow shafts with Iron Will S135 Snyder Core System broadheads, for total of 195 gr up front. Total arrow weight of 490 gr.

Hamskea Trinity Hunter rest, Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5-pin sight.



Day 1:


50F, clear, wind under 5 mph right to left. Pretty happy with my first shot.

Day 2:


55F, overcast, wind 10 mph at my back. More pin float than I’d like, and the shoot only felt okay, but the result was good.

Day 3:


40F, overcast, wind 15 mph with higher gusts from right to left. Bad shot. Not happy. Would really not have been happy to make that shot on an animal. The weather was really bad yesterday (60+ mph gusts), so I skipped a day and didn’t shoot. I really wanted to shoot today and probably got too eager. Even with the gusty wind, I think I could have let down, drawn again and made a better shot.

Day 4:


80F, partly cloudy, wind 10 mph with higher gusts from left to right. Really happy with this shot after yesterday. Like September hunting, there was a 40 degree temperature swing from yesterday.

Day 5:


45F, clear, wind 10 mph right to left. Happy with the shot. Good way to finish up this challenge. I kept 4 of 5 arrows within not just a moose heart, but within a 3-inch circle. Thanks Robby and Rokslide and Sponsors.
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