Chris Roe's Snow on the mountain part 2


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Feb 25, 2012
Lynden, WA
Loved the comment about not worrying about elk and deer reaching traditional summer areas except in Cascades of WA and OR. Our snowpack is very similar to last year. Last year was near record highs and this year we are running at roughly 75% of last year (still 230% above average for this time of year).

I went and checke out one of my early season spots 2 weeks ago where traditionally animals are moving around fathers day and there was still 6 feet of snow there. Interesting how much things can vary across the Western US.

Ridge Hunter 83

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Sep 15, 2021
I just came across these writings (Part 2 and Part 3), however, the link that is contained within "Part 2" for access to "Part 1" doesn't seem to be working. This discussion/thread is nine years old so it's likely corrupted or perhaps "Part 1" was removed for some reason. If anybody has access to "Part 1" of this series, I would certainly be happy to receive that. I might go to Chris' website also to see if I can find an email address and email him directly. This is quite the writing/series... major information contained within this. Again, if anyone is still watching this thread and has access to "Part 1," let me know, please; I would appreciate it.