Decided to do it! Looking for some advise


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Mar 8, 2012
Been a little bit since I posted here. Mostly on AT because I am an archery nut, but this site has tons of useful (better) info. After years of dreaming and just other things coming up I am going to try to draw for an archery elk hunt in a unit in CO that a couple of guys I know have land in. It's private land butting up next to a public BWM (or other type of public) in unit 68 I believe. It is an awesome deal I couldn't pass up. A set up spike camp on private ground with mules to pack something out if I get anything. I have been lucky enough to hunt in several places around the world, but this will be my first elk hunt, and am starting from scratch. I am lucky in that I won't have to buy a ton of extra equipment seeing as I will have a spike camp with water already set up. What I do need is advice from all you veterans out there. Things like; what are some of the easier and better cow calls available out there? Can you "bed" elk like mulies? And is it productive to hunt all day, or is it better for early season to hunt mornings and evenings and not pressure the elk during the day? If I draw I will be hunting the opening day and for a week. Although it won't be the most exciting pre-rut, I was thinking of sitting by some water tanks that the government has put out because they have just started allowing cattle to graze on the public land till September 1st. I area I am hunting will be around a place I think is called Elk mountain springs but not sure. Any other advice will be helpful as well. Also I heard that if you don’t draw it is possible to sometimes buy holdover tags or leftover tags. Can someone please tell me what that is and how to go about getting them?

les welch

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Feb 25, 2012
Central WI
I would suggest reading through the Elk forum first. Then hammer out some specific questions in said forum. You shall enjoy elk hunting, I am quite sure! :)


Feb 8, 2013
I would read everything you can get your hands on about elk hunting.Pick up elknuts palybook and audio,try some different calls,early season elk can be called.Sitting water when it's hot is a good bet,typically bedding elk is not a great option as far as trying to work in on them,ambush them on there way to and from feeding.Get in better shape than you think you need to be in and be prepared to be runied for life,nothing like elk hunting to make everything else seem pointless.