Heavy breathing and shaky camera work


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Jun 21, 2012
Nor Cal

Did a hike to Clouds Rest (Yosemite) described here

Acrophobics Beware: The top of Clouds Rest is a narrow ridge with a long, sheer dropoff on the north side (the side you can see from the Tioga Road). The dropoff to the south is less extreme, but it wouldn't require special talent to wind up just as thoroughly and symmetrically dead by falling off that side. It's best to visit Clouds Rest sober and during dry weather.

That said, the route over the ridge is more manageable and less dangerous than Half Dome's cable route. If you're slow and careful, you shouldn't feel like you're a freak gust of wind or a momentary lapse of concentration away from the bottom of Tenaya Canyon. And the very top of the peak opens up again to around fifty feet wide, which will feel like the Great Plains after the underpants-imperiling knife edge you've just crossed to get there.


The trail running is paying off. We over took a couple groups on the way up and we were the second people on top except for a photographer who left the trailhead an hour before us. A couple of young guys left the trailhead at the same time and couldn't catch us until we hit the top.
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Jul 17, 2012
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Sure is hard to to keep the camera still when you are breathing hard , really pounding it out while trying to get a good pov pic . Especialy when you hold the camera up over you so more of you is in the pic.... OH!...wrong site ;)