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Jun 18, 2019
So, I have a sony handycam video camera already, but I am looking into getting a mirrorless camera for taking some still pictures as well, I would like to stick to the sony line but I am looking for other recommendations as well if you think somethings better, I looked specifically at the sony a6000, a6300, a6400, a6500, the 6400 is the newest I believe and has the most features, but just wondering if anyone has any experience with these cameras and can reccomend any certain one or not, also for someone who is just starting would I be better off with kit lenses or just one better quality aftermarket lense?


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Mar 6, 2020
So I am definitely no expert on these cameras, but I have a Sony 6300 and I do really love it. Lightweight and durable (within reason, you can't abuse it) it takes great stills with the 4.5-6.3 kit lense. I also have a 3.5-5.6 /16-50 which I love. Would recommend a tripod but the in built stabilization is awesome on both kit lenses. 4k video. I don't think you could go wrong with any of these honestly. (That's the only picture I have on my phone from the camera but if you want som more just dm me)

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Feb 2, 2018
I am pretty new as well. After a lot of research, I ended up with a Sony A6400 and a 18-135 kit lens. Very happy with my choice. Lots of setup videos on YouTube and has the flip up screen as well as being more water resistant. It links to a smartphone for exporting images very easily. Some overheating issues were fixed with the 6400 as well.

Here are a few unfiltered pics. Good luck!

Thanks, Matt

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Jan 13, 2017
The Sony line up is fantastic. The only issue you face with Sony is the weatherproof, or lack thereof, on the models you listed, as the crop sensor lenses are not weatherproof.
The A7 series are weatherproof, as are most of the full frame lenses.
You should also look at the Olympus E-M5 mark 2 and 3 and the E-M1 Mark 2 and 3.
Feel free to call me to discuss the advantages of the various models.
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