HPG kit bag vs. waist pack?

Darren Best

Well Known Rokslider
Dec 30, 2012
North Idaho
How many of you are running one of the Hill People Gear kit bags?

What do you like about it?

What do you dislike?

Does it interfere with keeping you from overheating when you are the move or when it gets hot out?

What about glassing, shouldering a rifle or drawing a bow?

Is it a hassle to get extra layers on and off with it on?

Getting kind of tired of using my pockets to store and carry small items as I sometimes forget something or leave something in a coat pocket, take the coat off and forget I had something in the pocket. I want to consolidate all those items into one easy to carry bag.

Also being able to carry concealed would have a advantage I am considering.
Feb 29, 2012
Yakima, WA
I think it is very handy.
You will sweat and get hot. It covers your entire chest, so you lose a little ventilation. However, when it's really hot out, just shove it in your pack or dock it to the back of your pack. When you reach camp sling it on; you have your small items at hand, your handgun, etc.
The harness has one buckle that makes on and off easy. It is also easily adjustable as you put on or shed layers.
If you are diligent you can fit your possibles, a water bladder, pistol, etc and head out for the day with nothing but the Kit Bag.