New Tripod/Head Options


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Jan 22, 2013
I recently cashed my Cabela's points on a Vortex Razor HD 65MM spotter and I am looking at new tripods/heads for my spotter and for my 10x42 swaro's. I currently run the outdoorsman pistol grip head with the stud in my bino's but want to have one setup that will work with my spotter and by bino's without having multiple pieces to carry. Looking at upgrading to a slik 624/634, Vortex, or other CF lightweight tripod. I want to keep my weight down and I am typically a buy once cry once kinda guy because it is cheaper in the long run.

What have you guys used that you like/don't like, what would you recommend?

Camera Land

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Jan 13, 2017
We have sold alot of the CF634 Slik tripods. They are light weight and sturdy. The 624 is an old model that there were issues with.
The CF634 legs weigh only 2 Lbs and go to 62.6" plus the head. One of the most popular tripods for back packing. Normally $249.95, we have them on special for $219.99

We also have the Promaster XC-M series 525 Carbon Fiber model # 3699. This goes to 67" without the head and weighs 2.7 Lbs. It was $269.99,reduced on our website to $219.99, call us at 516-217-1000 and mention Rokslide and it's $189.99

Another great option, slightly larger, is the Slik Pro 723 CF. This goes to 65.4" without the head and weighs 2.9 Lbs. This was $259.95, we have it on our site on special for $199.99 and if you call us at 516-217.1000 and mention Rokslide it's only $179.99