Question for boot/foot gurus...

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Oct 5, 2019
So it only took me 29 years to realize this, and only after finding boots that fit properly (well, at least one...), my right foot/heel is noticeable different from my left. I have found in nearly every boot that I own my left heel sucks in and holds onto the boot like a champ, whereas my right heel slides all over the place. Now that I realize it's not the boots, and actually my foot, I have been trying to find a solution to remedy the nagging slip. So far I have tried superfeet greens to fill some volume of the boot, with mild improvement, as well as using the heel lock lacing technique, again with mild improvement. With both, I notice my heel doesn't slide nearly as bad, but still noticeable in comparison to my other foot. Does anyone have any other techniques that may help? I have considered taping my heel to see if I can add enough volume directly to it to keep my heel in place but haven't made it that far, and on backpack hunts I would rather not have to do that if at all avoidable. I notice my feet "fit" better in some boots, but the boots that fit aren't always the right tool for the job.


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Sep 6, 2016
Northern Colorado
I may have the solution.

Tecnica recently started making heat molded trekking boots(based off ski boot tech). Heat molded heel, foot beds, and uppers. I’ve heard nothing but great things and tried some on(Forge GTX) this summer at REI. They build seemed great and were comfortable as could be without the heat molding. The fully synthetic Forge S GTX version is even more customizable. Check them out, price was good as well $250. Hope this helps.

You will need to purchase in a store with heat-molder like REI or find a place to do it near by if you buy online.

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