Question re: CA Mesa muzzle brake


Junior Member
Mar 17, 2021
North Texas
I recently bought a Christensen Arms Mesa and after getting it home, I noticed that the muzzle brake doesn’t appear to ‘index’ to the centerline of the barrel. This is the standard Mesa with the slimline brake. Basically the (possible) issue is that there are rows of four holes staggered by rows with three holes. Instead of the top center line being centered on one of those rows, it actually goes between a row of three and another row of four. I emailed Christensen about this, got a canned reply about the brake on the long range Mesa-again, not the rifle I have-and that’s it. Even after replying to the email stating that did not answer my question and mentioning same on the follow up survey, it’s been crickets. Additionally, the sling stud in the rear of the stock is off center, not really a huge deal, but I guess if I had bought used, or went low budget I might’ve expected to see this type of stuff. Even so, I’ve had better response from other manufacturers about firearms I had not even purchased new. But here’s the question— is the muzzle brake ok as is or do I need to somehow get it ‘timed’? Anybody have a Mesa with this issue?